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'Pretty Little Liars' series finale recap: Who is AD, who got married, who's pregnant

At her home, Emily plates Peg because she saw her mom give her something else. At pll gradient Alan came to Trade, and started slowly pretending to be Chosen so she could have what happened to her sister. Ruth and Ali both try to make to the regulations, but it seems yet there is nothing they can do but doing history repeat itself all over again.

Do you promise to do that every claeb for the rest of daating lives? The towel comes off and they find themselves in bed. Afterwards, Spencer hears a piano being played as she gets out of the shower. Mona, dressed in a black pl, steps out from behind her and knocks her out. Spencer wakes up locked in a room and encounters her identical twin, as Emily and Alison learn that Mary Drake escaped from prison. Mary appears and injects Spencer with something to sleep. As she comes to, Spencer, chained to the floor, meets her twin Alex Drake, who has a British accent and the initials A.

Wren met Alex in London while she was working as a bartender and told her about Spencer. Wren and Alex quickly began a relationship, and Alex reveals that she took over the game as uber A when Charlotte, Spencer's half-sister, died.

She's also the one who comforted Hanna when she was being tortured and hooked up with Toby before he moved away. When the game was over, Alex returned to London but she couldn't stop thinking about the spenccer, even though Wren tried to dissuade her. Alex wanted to know what it felt like to have friends like Spencer's who love each other no matter what happened. Wren implores Alex to give up the daating and tell the girls the truth, but she convinces him that she needs to become Spencer. She even has Wren shoot her so that she has the same gunshot scar as Spencer. Alex says the plan was to become Spencer, but Wren only wanted her as Alex.

She implies to Spencer that Wren is dead and that she had his ashes made into the eternity stone she wears on her necklace. Alex assumes Spencer's identity and meets the other girls at Aria's wedding, where she reveals that the father of Alison's daughters is Wren. And back in her prison, Spencer talks to Mary, who tells her that she sold Alex, who ended up at an orphanage in England. Spencer expresses sadness that the years of being tormented have interfered with her personality in some way and made her harder than she would really like to be.

Recap and caleb Is spencer dating pll

Caleb takes her hand and reassures her that she is a good person and has always been. Tecap on, Caleb and Spencer sit by the fire sipping beer while Spencer brings up things she's been harboring guilt for. Spencer mentions there is one last thing she is judging herself for and Caleb kisses her, acknowledging that he returns her sentiments and that she doesn't need to say anything else. The kiss builds and leads to them making out on the couch. Spencer's phone buzz with a new text message but she ignores it. Spencer glances happily at Caleb before getting up to make coffee and check her phone.

After seeing the threatening new message and a row of other concerned messages from The Liarsshe takes off to meet them. Later when she returns to the house, Caleb is working for the campaign and they discuss what happened last night and if they should pursue anything further. Spencer mentions to Caleb the new text message after talking to Hannawho once again gives her the okay after a brief knee jerk reaction. Later that night, they drive to the location Caleb managed to track down from the phone signal and talk about their new relationship status. Wear the uniform.

While Aria is busy planning a date night with A. The phone immediately lights up with the words: Just one plea, the rest go free. If no one steps up, you all go down. A countdown clock appears on the phone; they have 36 hours to make the decision. The Liars are all stunned, but they want concrete proof. Later that day, Spencer is getting coffee at the Brew when Toby comes in, sporting some new facial hair. He reveals that Tanner had called him, which is why he returned to Rosewood from his cabin on the lake. Toby admits that he thinks Tanner is building a solid case, and Spencer appears nervous. Aw, Spoby. A few hours later, we see Aria sporting the black hoodie, wandering through the woods.

She gets a text from A. Suddenly, Aria hears the sound of a branch breaking and she runs towards it Naturally, the girls are furious at Aria, who tries to explain. She tells her friends that A. Their argument is broken up by a phone call from Tanner, who demands to see all five girls at the police station. I repeat: They should be scared. The first night they all unite at the Lost Wood's Resort — the place that was once the headquarters of A — and they are already being watched again. Melissa Torrey DeVitto. Ezra and Aria share their wedding planning details with everyone. And it all seems pretty normal — the in-laws aren't getting along, but they are happy.

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Who is not happy? Hanna and Xpencer, who are fighting over Hanna's decision to house Mona. Plus, it's pretty clear that Hanna regrets that Caleb and her never had a big wedding or honeymoon. However, all faleb couples retreat to their rooms, and a montage of sex scenes begins. Well, except for Spencer and Toby Keegan Allenppl of a caeb night of sex, the two former lovers spend the night playing scrabble. That's when Aria receives a phone call. Advertisement In Rosewood, when the phone rings, it's bad news.

Aria learns that she cannot have children. At first she considers calling off the wedding, but the girls convince her to open up to Ezra instead. Ezra says all the right things — they can create a family through so many different ways, infertility doesn't change who Aria is. And the dting is still on. The second black hoodie reveal. It was never Melissa, but Mona wearing a mask of Melissa's face. The halls of Rosewood High show us exactly what hasn't changed. There are still teenage bullies using dolls to terrorize others. Addie, the new high school bully we met earlier this seasonis now the one terrorizing all of the students and teachers. She has her own group of minions, including Maya's Bianca Lawson niece, who follow her orders.

Maya's niece feels, just like the Liars once felt, chosen by Addie. Emily and Ali both try to talk to the students, but it seems like there is nothing they can do but watch history repeat itself all over again. Make sure to read to the very end, so you realize just how literal I mean this. It's not just the Liars that reunite at Aria's rehearsal dinner, but the mothers, too. They mention the best scene of all time — when the mom's got drunk and A locked them in the DiLaurentis' basement. They even ask, "Do you remember how we got out? Advertisement The rehearsal dinner turns out to be lucky for everyone but the couple being honored. Ali proposes to Emily right after.

Spencer and Toby hook up finally. Hanna and Caleb agree Mona cannot stay with them and they finally stop fighting. However, Aria and Ezra get into a fight the night before their wedding. Ezra learns Aria has known she couldn't conceive for a month or more, and they have a heated goodbye. It's the day of the wedding, and it's Rosewood, so that means nothing good. Spencer hears music and assumes Toby has come back after their night together. It's not Toby, but Mona. Mona punches Spencer in the face, and Spencer wakes up locked in a glass dungeon.

She is staring at what appears to be a reflection, but it's actually her twin. Yes, the popular fan theory that Spencer has a twin is once and for all true. Alex Drake Troian Bellisario.

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