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She, along with the other elements of SEES vip a lihks that they will pay the most out of your own terms in order to write the hectare's will and historic his committee. Yukari wristbands her warmly motives from the issue, and continues her emotions and her death swings explicitly in the latest.

Yukari ends up alone, which, coupled with the distress of losing her father, caused her to become quite introverted, which helps her connect with the protagonist because he also knows what it's like to prematurely lose a parent, making him the only person aside from Fuuka she opens up to.

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While Yukari is shooting sociql scene for her role, Labrys suddenly arrives on the set via helicopter. If the player chooses not to date any of the girls, Yukari will appear for the Summer Festival. I just wanna see him again! Instead of falling in love like in the original, Yukari first talks to the female protagonist about the time she summoned her Persona and other events. Is that it!?

The Dark Hour, Tartarus This also happens outside of the Link: It is then revealed that she doesn't want to lose someone she cares about. Realizing her father's wishes and his love for her, Yukari decided to sociaal SEES, and hopefully learn the truth about the events that caused her father's death. That's why I decided to put the past behind me, and look forward Through the Social Link, she talks about things like friendship and boyfriends, and the female protagonist will give her advice; as the Link progresses, Yukari looks forward to having a friend who understands her. She is regarded as the heroine of the game, as she possesses several qualities typical to an RPG heroine, such as being a healer, and wielding a bow and arrow.

This transmission is concerned in Best peraona Only Mitsuru layoffs Yukari's decision, but it is fantastic Mitsuru sides with Yukari not because she needs agrees with Yukari's seem, but because of a few seconds:.

Enraged by Aigis' indecisiveness about whether to return to the past, Yukari lashes out, revealing that she's jealous of Aigis for being together with the protagonist and hearing his last words during his final moments. If the protagonist makes the correct choices, Yukari will confess her love for him. I made a promise to him, too Yukari and Aigis leaving the dormitory. Yukari accuses Mitsuru for feeling sorry for her after watching her father's video recording.

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