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The sex is hot even if the range is limited and Bikoni girls are all quite attractive. Swallow My Childrenhas no story, no plot, and wluts recurring characters, it's simply fifteen different girls giving a bunch of dudes head for cuk hours. It had a decent mix of newcomer gals and established professionals that handled the action nicely enough. The camera work and production values are fairly typical gonzo quality but there's a decent sense of humor behind the whole production that definitely works in its favor. Bikini Clad Cum Sluts: If you are looking for something to watch with your spouse, partner or girlfriend, this is a must watch and a must Recommend!

Special Edition: Probably, but they've got to be the exception and not the rule.

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The bulk of the girls are hot, they make fine use of the toy collection, and all of the POV blow jobs are appropriately wet, sloppy, and sexy. Can a lowly, amateur label pull that off? The series is dedicated to anal sex with a number of hotties involved, the theme of a medical setting being the driving point. A flick like this surprises you because the girls are so natural that you really start to think you might see someone you know. Lovely reviewer Ravyn then found two titles for fans to appreciate with Flawless: Blowjob enthusiasts are going to enjoy this one no matter what but even those out there who have only a passing interest in oral compilations should find something to dig here.

For as long as people have been having sex, clwd have enjoyed blowjobs - there's plenty of historical evidence to back this up, trust me - and it's that fact that Rob Rotten and his motley crew of tattooed titty girls have decide to cash in on this time around. Of course, the guys put up about as much resistance as a leaf in a typhoon, but it's a worthwhile fantasy nonetheless. One of our favorite reviewers, The Mooninitethen spoke up with a couple of heated selections of his own with Big Boobs Are Cool!

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