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LOL 6 Our cost of living is lower than most of the other states. Learn to say "G'day", "No worries mate" and "Chuck us a tinny will ya, luv", and you'll fit right in. And no snow Girls are clean, educated and friendly And there's ME!!!

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LOL I went over there to Montreal and it does not match up to Europe. As for those Canadian an hour escorts being gorgeous you have got to be kidding. I called a couple of them to my room and wanted to kiss them on the mouth and they both said no. I still prefer Parisian women to their Quebocoise counterparts, they seem more open and kind of make the move on you before you even say anything. I guess Perth'd be closer to 20 hours. Course I could always break the flight up with a stop in Thailand or Hong Kong.

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I do fkr pretty good Australian; Legwl don't confuse my tinnies with my stubbies even when they're buried in the Eskie and I would trade my fanny pack in for a bum bag. What's the pot laws like? Do I risk a holiday at her majesty's expense? I know it's really hot there in the summer but what about the winter? I worry about me fair Celtic skin and all of that. Also please define "cheap" rent. I was lucky enough to hit Oz when your dollar was only worth 49 of my cents but I see it is now 53; guess I could live with that. Gotta keep chasing those frequent flyer miles that's how I got there last time. PS Dickhead ain't into quickies! Or maybe it's only expensive from the US?

Is there a way you could book a trip through an Oz airline and pay for it through an Australia agent?

I'm pretty naive about this stuff 'coz I've never flown in my holkday LOL The pot laws were actually relaxed jorniest this state just a couple of months ago. It was decriminalised to a certain extent Unless you are intending on having a huge hydroponics set-up in your spare room, you should be fine as far as the law goes. The suburbs are much cheaper. My rent is quite expensive in comparison to many. Yes, our summers are very hot. Winter is pretty temperate LOL Average winters day is about And don't forget Yeah, that's pretty cheap.

I remember being quite surprised that y'all have to pay rent weekly. I had heard that you could get cheaper flights from Oz to US holidzy back than vice versa BTW "return" to a Yank is "round trip" so maybe I'll check it out. The oh probably relates to the country where you start out, though, or everybody would be doing it. We have decriminalization in my state also: So I buy half an ounce at a time. Oh well, this ain't a dope board but I do love to get high before sex so thanks for the info. Maybe we'll see you out there next year. I find it hard to believe you've never been to Sydney or Melbourne. I liked Sydney better even though Melbourne is arguably prettier lovely gardens and such.

I took the train from Melbourne to Sydney; that was a lot of fun. How are fares from North Asia?

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