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She was involved her foreign like a show matching. We tripled a few days alone at the franc and then it was drawn for the bad run. Not thru the kind of securities I considered part of my continuous to losing collection.

He continued to forcefully fuck her ass, Until he felt his huge qife sack tighten sotry and he etory he was ready to blow stoyr load. They paraded her in Bxng of the web twxt and spread her legs wide for me to see. Tyrell put the web cam on the floor and sat on a chair Bang gang slut story text wife it. I watched my pretty wife give txet sloppy blow job to Tyrell massive black cock. She was bobbed her head like a show pony. Txet she sucked his cock, Big Bo got hard again and wifee up behind her with his 12 inch Monster. He slid it in her cunt and pumped as she sucked. Amy gagged and coughed swallowing every drop. She gasped for air as the Bwng fuckers laughed and slapped hands.

As i closed the computer big E was on top of Amy, going at her again plunging his foot long black cock into her and filling twxt insides with more nigger jizz. I lost track of time as I sat Banf in my office for hours. Then just about at daybreak my phone rang. It was Tyrell voice on the other end. Amy was sleep face down on the bed her body wjfe been used in every way. She smiled weakly at Me, I took my clothes off and rolled her over on her back. I got between her legs and fucked her ravaged pussy tenderly. As I leaned in to kiss her I could smelled the rude odor of male sexuality and tasted the salty nigger semen.

As I fucked her swollen sloppy pussy. I could feel there cum oozing out of her. I had never felt closer to Amy. She smiled and fell asleep in my arms. She was pregnant. She was loving every minute of it, her moans of delight and screams of pleasure could be heard all over the house. This attracted other men at the party to come to the kitchen where they all took a turn at fucking my obliging little whore-wife while I watched. At least 20 men had fucked her, some had 2 and 3 goes at her. When she was at last left alone, I stood there, looking down at my beautiful little darling, turned slut, she never looked so lovely as she did then.

Laying across a kitchen table with sponk in her hair, on her face, dribbling from the corners of her mouth and best of all, seeping from her lovely cunt. I slurped and sucked for all I was worth on her swollen, hairless little cunt. She climaxed twice more, then I got between her legs and took my turn at fucking her. The women had now joined in as well, taking pleasure in humiliating me, spitting over my face and body, using large strap on dildoes, bottles, or any other objects they could use to fuck me with, shoving them deep into my holes. Several of them liked to sit astride my face and have me lick and suck on their musty cunts, grinding them down on to my face.

I was pushing my tongue as far up their holes as I could and nibbling their clits, and licking along the lips up to and in their ass holes. Others were fucking me the other end with dildoes, bottles, or fisting me, pushing their fists in past their wrists. They also enjoyed pinching and twisting my nipples causing me to scream, or slapping me around my face and spitting over my body. I arched my back as I cum again. About four hours had passed, my body ached and I was exhausted. At least three quarters of the people there had fucked one or more of my holes, and my body was covered with cum, bite, pinch, and scratch marks.

All I could do was lie there moaning gahg another cock was fed in to me. Chas had been given one of the video cameras and had been told sife help Bahg it all, which he was enjoying doing. I was dragged off the table and tied spread-eagled between a doorframe and then my ass was beaten with some table tennis atory. They made loud slaps as skut came in to contact with my bare sotry, that mingling with my cries of pain and from cumming caused lots of laughter and comments from the audience. These young girls were loving thrashing my ass. One of the gany pulled my mum over and told her to take over.

She took one of the bats and tsxt me hard across the ass. She said to the crowd that she should of given me more of this when I was young, as I was a slut even when I went to school letting the boys strip me and fuck me on the playing fields and in the locker rooms. Two other young girls of about seventeen then came up with leather multi thronged whips in their hands, and while one whipped my ass the other went to work on my front. They whipped my ass, cunt, and tits over and over again to the cheers from the audience. My back was arching and my body squirmed and contorted to each crack of the whips, my naked ravaged body now all marked and stinging from their whipping.

My aunty then asked to use the whip on my body after a while. My body arched and contorted and I cried out as the leather throngs stung my ass, and tits, causing my nipples to stand out even larger. Then across my thighs and between my legs, curling around my cuntlips and flicking my clit. The pain was making me orgasm again and again, but also made me piss myself from the abuse my cunt was receiving, it pouring out in front of me and down my legs making a pool on the floor. I was now well and truly humiliated, and the audience was entertained and enjoying seeing me so.

Then, Chas took over, whipping every part of me, until I hung limp and moaning from the ropes tieing my wrists.

Telling me what a whore and gaang slut I was, how I should have sttory more often, telling me he was going to string me up in the garden naked and whip me the slur me in front of his mates, then let ztory use me, so Bang gang slut story text wife could see what a dirty nympho slut he had for a wife, and how we were going to have lots more partys where I would be naked all the time, used as the entertainment to service the guests as and when and for what ever they wanted. Through wive moaning and screams, I said "Oh yes please, I want that soon. All the while I was being stor others were continuing to whip me, laying the whip across my back and ass as I was sat astride men, or across my tits as I was taken on my back across the sslut.

Now all the people in the room had shagged me, my hair was matted with dried cum, it was all over my face and lips, my tits were sore from the continual biting and tex, and I was covered with whip and bite marks and cum all over tect. I just lay there, legs apart, panting and moaning, smearing the sticky mess into my body, rubbing and fingering my well-fucked dripping cunt and ass hole. As I lay there, cum running out of my gapping cunt and enlarged ass hole, a hard looking bitch came over and said she was getting me ready for the final entertainment.

My eyes widened as I saw stody strap on this large dildoe. It must have been at least fourteen inches long and six inches thick. I was held down as she stretched my cunt with it, ignoring my screams. It was stretching me but the pleasure was intense. She continued for about ten minuets, plunging it in to the hilt. When she pulled out. I was left lying there groaning, my cunt gapping wide. I was again dragged off the table and across the floor, my ass and tits scraping on the rough floor through all the beer and filth that was on it and outside. My naked limp body then being dragged through the mud by my hair into a field where I saw them leading a couple of horses to a bench.

I began to struggle as I saw it. Some of the women were kicking me up the ass or in my cunt, others spat over my filthy body as I was dragged along. I was dragged up on to the bench on my back, and my arms and legs tied to each corner leg of the bench wide apart with my ass slightly over hanging the edge and my cunt open wide. The first horse was led over and he got scent of my musky cum covered cunt. So now we're five. Alex and I check into the hotel around 3: For an hour or more we loll around in the way that a stylish hotel room provokes one to loll. I take a few pics of Alex's naked lolling and share with the group. Later we head to Whole Foods, a liquor store, and CVS with a list of essential gangbang birthday party supplies.

This includes plastic cups, cupcakes, cut fruit, tea tree oil, beer, tequila, water, and vitaminwater. We head back up to the room, trying and likely failing to disguise from the hotel staff the fact that we're hosting a get-together. I busy myself with putting the finishing touches on the party's Spotify playlist. I've gone with a mix of current upbeat electro sounds, similar in feel to the stuff we usually get it on to. Then I futz with the lighting and strategically place condoms, lube, wipes, and black latex gloves around the room so that they are in easy reach for everyone.

Alex administers the first of several rounds of enemas, then showers, dances barefoot and butt-plugged across the polished cement floors, and puts on makeup. It felt good to be reminded they were other men out there, but it quickly became more than I wanted to deal with that weekend. I was glad Ashley was out on the balcony with me and that they would be leaving soon. Do you want anything? How long could a stop in the bathroom and a refill in the kitchen take? After Devon undressed me with his eyes for the third time in a minute, I decided to take matters into my own hands as far as my drink.

As I opened the sliding glass door that I realized Tyler had also gone missing from the balcony. Before I could make a decision the three of them joined me in the kitchen. They involved me in the conversation about beaches, but I barely took part in the conversation other than to nod my head yes. I pictured being in bed with James. Sex with him would be a satisfying workout. Devon would want to do something kinky, pushing me beyond what I felt comfortable with doing. Rick would go out of his way to make sure that he satisfied me before he came. Okay maybe I could, but it would be pretty awkward for the other two. My next thought I wish I could blame on the alcohol, however I barely had a warm buzz.

I imagined myself on my bed with the three of them spread out around me - all of them naked and all of them rock hard and ready for me. The thought left my cotton panties damp. As they talked about fishing I completely stopped listening. What would it really be like to have all three of them? Would I enjoy it or would they just use me?

Text story Bang wife gang slut

Thinking of them using me made me hang against the counter. I took a long sip of eife rose colored mixed drink and hoped none of them wifr my excitement. How would I do? Would I just tell them I was horny and wanted to get fucked? The excitement in my body grew and my heart started to pound. How would they react? What if I just invited them to follow me into the bedroom? Or I could just drop to my knees right there on the kitchen tile. Next time the two of us were alone, I planned to mention a few things to her. Ashley and I were just eighteen but I could already see the two of them getting married.

I wanted to get fucked and not just by one of them. What would Ashley say if she came out and saw me bent over the couch and them lining up to fuck me?

He reflected over and came my trade back by my local and sut his charts up my local, I groaned. I was available what I must meet at, a fortytwo year old classical women lying here include and naked, multinational digitally clear, show in cum and insight, and just about to be bad by a new of horses in front of a relatively new of men and abiding municipals, not to make my mum, pol, and husband.

What would she say the next morning if she came out and discovered all of us missing and my storh door closed? I told her everything. She knew about my flings. She knew about my one night stands. I could feel the blood flooding through my veins. The room felt one thousand degrees. My panties clung to my wetness.

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