How does validating parking work

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What is Parking Validation?

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Should we let our guests know what their validation is worth? This will enable guests to be prepared with payment if a balance is due. Can our department issue validation tickets to employees? Validation tickets are considered a benefit that allows departments to offer discounted parking to their guests. Employees are eligible to purchase a parking permit. What do we do if validation tickets come up missing? If at any time you find that tickets are missing please notify our office at validate iupui. We will check the tickets to make sure that they have not been used and if they are unused we will deactivate the tickets.

Who in our department is authorized to pick up our validation ticket order? When completing the order form you will note who is authorized to pick up the validation ticket order. Please provide our office with advance notice if another individual within your department will be picking up the order. We want to keep your order secure and as such we can only release your order to authorized representatives. It is then inserted either before or after the ticket in the pay-on-foot machine or at the exit lane. After all, validation stamps are money. The adhesive used peels easily from the wax-coated backing in the booklets, but adheres permanently to the ticket.

The suppliers also place micro slits in the stamps so that if someone tries to remove them from the ticket, they will fall apart.

The wirk issue is one of health. The lick-and-stick stamps are typically stapled to the ticket by the merchant. That's no good. They can be numbered by book, by page or by individual stamp in the book. It depends on the way the operators like to track their validations. The manufacturers are happy to supply the stamps in any combination of coding. Typical stamps are 1 inch square, but 1-by- 2-inch stamps are used when the bar code is being read by a machine after the stamp is applied. This need for approval and validation may never go away, but it does not have to rule us.

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