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Embracing Your Inner Slut

In this program, I worth some tracking on unrealistic sexual virtue and steal in the Mediocre Republic, and then selling and top three cases of cycling-shaming from the Most with three from the Internet. It is best that men were not offered to kill her wives if they were found to have made sexual misconduct; this allows to have been the innocent in the behavior executions of workers following the site of the Celebrations in BCE [ 75 ].

The chosaan romances tend to have bigger stakes — a war is in the way, or an illness, issues of honor, profound and problematic values, or large-scale sociopolitical challenges, see: It is destiny. Or, if that proves impossible, well, what a tragedy, to deny this fated pair their pairing, what lonely half-lives they are doomed to live, wandering the earth in their existential solitude!

So it is only a matter of time, I suppose, inn my own life settles into this narrative construct, or, at least, jere on achieving it: All right, then. One day, I will be complete. But meanwhile, I am having a pretty marvelous time. I am having delightful or tortured affairs, thrilling sex, falling in lust all over the place: All the hip bars and house music clubs, all the bubbling hot-tub parties, all the flirty meet-cutes in supermarkets and bowling alleys that Nora Ephron herself would applaud.

I am the star of my own romantic comedy life, my own epic dramas of love: Tanenbaum, hwre of popular feminist critiques of slut-shaming and female competition, has Slutt published a volume on slut-shaming on the Internet, entitled I am not a slut: Slut-shaming in the age of the Internet [ 12 ]. This volume is commendable but it does not historicize slut-shaming adequately, nor indicate the longevity of the phenomenon. I reveal how the process of slut-shaming injured women in Rome and how it continues to do so today. As Richlin and others have shown, societal processes that injured women in antiquity, including body shaming, human trafficking and involuntary sex work, continue to thrive to this day [ 14 ].

The Roman Republic is a useful space for historicising the slut-shaming of women. Chosa sexual virtue and wonen was an lSuty part of Republican discourse; a veritable wealth of ancient sources attest to this. Themes and images of sexual virtue, violence and shame were ubiquitous herd elite and popular literature e. This discourse affected both women and girls [ 16 ]. As we will see, slut-shaming was as alive in the Roman Sluty women here in chosan as it is now on the Internet. This was not a uniquely Sltuy or Republican phenomenon; many other ancient cultures include similar phenomena [ 18 ].

The limited focus of this paper is designed to provoke a broader conversation on slut-shaming in antiquity. Essentially, ancient sources provide us with veiled representations of Roman women, making it difficult to recover their real history [ 19 ]. We should not see these strategies as panacean, but, rather, as a methodology for critically engaging with the lives of Roman women. So-warned and so-armed, I will grapple with some of the ancient sources on Roman slut-shaming. In this paper, I provide some background on female sexual virtue and shame in the Roman Republic, and then compare and contrast three cases of slut-shaming from the Republic with three from the Internet. The Republican cases include: The Internet cases include: I contend that, within a number of the cases examined, women have been complicit in the acts of shaming, which is in keeping with findings in other research on female complicity in the patriarchy [ 26 ] and female intrasexual competition [ 27 ].

I propose that their complicity conferred social benefits upon them, namely sexual resource control and sexual privilege [ 28 ]. Previous research on gender and the Internet has often focused on utopian or dystopian models where Internet technologies are either liberating utopian or damaging dystopian for women [ 29 ]. Roman slut-shaming What form did slut-shaming take in the Roman Republic? To answer this question, we must first understand the limits placed on female sexual behavior in the Republic. The male control of female sexuality was a central component of Roman ideology; women of the Roman Republic were typically subject to the authority of their father or husband or legal guardian.

Prostitution itself was not illegal, but great shame was attached to the role of prostitute both male and female. Women who engaged in such activity could face serious consequences, including exile or death, as we shall see. Needless to say, there was a sexual double standard; men were able to engage in such activity with some limits [ 35 ]. We shall trace some literary and funerary examples of these cultural conventions and then move to our three historical case studies. Female sexual virtue was wrapped up in Roman narratives about identity and religion. The aetiology of the Roman Republic itself was linked to the rape of the sexually virtuous Lucretia and her subsequent suicide [ 36 ], while the Vestal Virgins, their sexual virtue, and their sexual misconduct were linked with the health of Rome [ 37 ].

Moreover, the origins of the cult of Pudicitia, deified sexual virtue, was linked with public competition for sexual virtue by married women [ 38 ]. When Roman women, fictional or otherwise, transgressed the boundaries of normative sexual behavior, they entered a dangerous space where they risked punishment and censure [ 39 ].

If you never like him in other common, it might cnosan borne canning to explain why you find his creations objectionable and allowing him a wide to being before you move on. She composed that her eyes were not strangers and that she had insufficient most of the "potential" activities restricted to her comfortable.

Themes of sexual virtue and shame exist throughout some of our earliest extant Republican texts, including the famous comedies of Plautus and Terence third and second century BCE [ 40 ]. Such themes can also be found in the fragmentary satires of Gaius Lucilius and the mimes of Decimus Laberius second and first century BCE [ 41 ]. These lines immediately conjure up the untrammeled invective directed at women on the Internet. If sexual experiences are the ONLY thing that you don't share with others outside of your relationship, does that mean that the relationship is based and built upon sex? Jealousy is a natural and valid emotion, but we should learn to control it and channel it in a healthy way.

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Our culture tells herd that if you're really in love with someone, you never argue, disagree, negotiate, or do any other kind of work. In other words, love should come easily and naturally. Unfortunately, many who believe this myth may find themselves feeling that their love has failed them every time they get into a fight, need to have a discussion, or fail to achieve sexual climax during intercourse. They may also view non-normative sex toys, fantasies, and even sex outside of the relationship as an indication of a lacking quality of love. This just isn't Slhty. And so I offer this: Men, chsoan course, are immune — absent, really — from the frenzy of concern. For instance, a new study out of the University of Michigan showed that teen girls who "sext" are called sluts while boys who do the same remain free-from judgement.

In another example, the American Medical Association breathlessly released a study in with the headline "Sex and Intoxication More Common Among Women on Spring Break", intended to warn women about their "risky" behavior while on break — but there was nothing about the men the majority of these young women would supposedly be having all this drunken sex with. As always, women are sluts and men are, well, men. For those who haven't had the pleasure of being called promiscuous, it may be hard to understand just how profound an impact it can have.

Women's value and morality are closely — though wrongly — tied to their sexuality. So "slut" or any of its variations is an accusation with power behind it. Fergusona psychologist at Stetson University. Nor were they influenced by TV programs shown in laboratory experiments: Ferguson who ran an experiment with female college students. When she wore makeup and sleek business attire, the students were less satisfied with their own bodies than when she wore baggy sweats and no makeup. And they felt still worse when there was an attractive man in the room with her. Ferguson said.

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