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Potassium-Argon/Argon-Argon Dating Methods

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Dating definition relationship Potassium argon

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Physical Review Google Scholar Pringle, M. This comparison is possible because the ratio of 39K to the decaying 40K is known, and 39K is relatoonship most abundant stable isotope that can be measured. This technique requires that the 40K, 39K and 40Ar, 36Ar be analyzed separately to produce the data required to calculate an age. Furthermore, the gas can escape from samples, thus producing apparent younger ages. The modern ratio of 40Ar to 36Ar is A new approach has been adopted in recent years in which the 40Ar and 40K are measured simultaneously by irradiating the sample and converting some of the 39K into 39Ar, which does not occur naturally.

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The 39Ar half-life of years is long enough to cause no problems in the age calculations. This approach permits the 39K and the 40K to be directly determined along with the 40Ar and eliminating the need to separately analyze for potassium. The addition of lasers in place of induction heating technology has permitted more precise analyses to be made. This approach permits the analyses of single grains, and the use of a more refined step-heating approach that greatly improves the reliability of the result and eliminates the need to do an independent analysis for the potassium. The figure shows the parent-daughter relationship between the radioactive 40K and the stable 40Ar.


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