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Somalia overpowering al-Shabaab but old rivalries pose new threat

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Their naval bombardment of the port city has reportedly killed civilians, including two teenage boys and a pregnant woman, and caused thousands to flee. This week a Kenyan soldier allegedly went renegade and shot dead six civilians.

Al-Shabaab has reportedly been distributing weapons and may count on local sympathy if kismmaayo clings on, seeking to test Kenyan soldiers' stomach for battle in ksimaayo urban warfare. As in Mogadishu, expect more roadside and suicide bombings as the group seeks to score propaganda coups. It could also melt into hideouts in mountains, towns and villages in the southern countryside, while some members may seek to push across the border into Kenya. In Julyal-Shabaab carried out suicide bombings in the Ugandan capital, Kampala, as revenge for its involvement in Amisom.

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Have your partner thf recline against the sofa, so you can fully kosmaayo against their chest. Residents, many of whom were hunkered down in their homes as the battle continued, said the attack came from the air and sea at around 3am local time. Some expressed fears the assault would signal the start of a wider battle for control of the strategic port among rival clan militias. The Kenyan army has also been supported in its campaign by Ras Kamboni, a local militia. Abdi Buule, an elder in Kismayo, said Kenyan and Somali forces had pushed deep into the city.

No one could go SSex this morning, even the people could not cook their breakfast. The fighting is now going on," he said by telephone. Al-Shabaab, which is linked to al-Qaida, withdrew from Mogadishu in August last year after fierce fighting with the Ugandan and Burundian troops of a 17,strong African Union peacekeeping force — Amisom. Since then, the militants, who include foreign fighters as well as Somalis and who have imposed a strict form of sharia law in the areas they control, have been forced further into the south of the country. The Three-Legged Dog How to do it: But, if both you and your partner have impeccable balancethen feel free to ignore this suggestion.

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