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Woo hoo. As of the Internet, it is now easier than ever before to find approximately-minded souls who have what is left and know what must be done. Why not endorse secret legislation?.

But the mainstream media and political elites continue to distract people with bread and circuses, and where there should be a burgeoning mass movement demanding change, what we have instead is a nation of quiescent souls sitting and waiting for the same politicians they supposedly despise to pass the perfect legislation that is somehow going to make everything all right again. But unlike Dating off the grid majority of Americans and so many others around the world, survivalists are the one group that has refused to swallow the blue pill. All across this nation, and increasingly around the globe, those who can see the truth and are able to detect that faint scent of sulfur that now permeates the air are starting to come together to form networks for sharing skills, information, technologies, and alternative ideas about how society can and should be organized.

Because of the Internet, it is now easier than ever before to find like-minded souls who understand what is happening and know what must be done. Finding Connection Intentional communities of fellow travelers, whether they are still in the planning stages in anticipation of a post-collapse future or actually in existence right now, are a wonderful way for off-the-gridders to find social, emotional, and physical mutual support to complement their hard-earned independence and self-reliance. But while finding others to trade ideas, skills, and resources with can help bring a much-needed sense of hopefulness and a feeling of belonging to preppers and survivalists, there are still many who are missing something vitally important that everyone wants and needs in their lives — a partner to share it all with.

I'm wondering what the ladies of POF think about off-grid living? Also, gentlemen please feel free to throw in your knowledge and experiences in this lifestyle. I'm just really curious to find out what people think. Basically my attempt is to purge myself of all modern technologies or to the highest level in which I canbut I will most likely still have a small truck.

I'll try trid focus to some of the options that have been disengaged as part I can, as they act to me. If your personal for love and launched just disappointing I did how glamorous it was on the franchise dating sites then your not alone. To me I could never be a "short" to the off-grid lot.

This will be a very strenuous life, but will be lifted by the trid and serenity that only nature can truly offer. That's farther than I expected. This last year marked a major shift and turning point in my life both personal, spiritual, and financial. I got laid off, good friends in my life came and went, my savings went out the door, and my girlfriend dumped me. If any of this interests you or you would like to know more please reach out. The love of a lifetime is hard enough to find. As you know Off Grid people are hard to find. Please help me build a community where we can find each other!

I am no longer single!!!

Woo hoo! Thinking more about the land itself Datjng the camper was going brought up many challenges. One of which was ticks. Aside from a few here and there over the years I had never really had to deal with them but now it was time to face this dilemma head on. Its almost like it was tick season.

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The ticks are horrible out at the off grid land. Remember of property is set out in the middle of the woods teh mother nature is in charge. I did not want to do it but ended up using some insecticide down to try and make the ticks more manageable. The life I imagine would start out with me buying some land, and building from there. I would prefer to have a woman join me in this building of our home.

It seems like it would be an amazing endeavor for both my partner and I to have a hands on approach in building our lifestyle, and learning to truly compromise. I would think that this would create a far greater bond between us, far greater than just a ring or a few vows I would like those too. So even though our life would most likely start out in a "shack", I would hope to someday live in a "cottage" like the last picture on my profile. Certainly my partner and I will grow, and thus our home will too. So for the issue of a indoor eco-toilet, I'm not opposed, but at first it will probably not be a possibility.

This being said, I'm really not in the business of having my home built for me, and than my partner and I just moving in. To me I could never be a "slave" to the off-grid lifestyle.

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