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The couple made their romance official back in April and The Daily Mail reported that the couple was officially married in the summer of in Hawaii. Rousey is obviously smitten with her new husband and even spent most of her Hall of Fame interview talking about how he's the love of her life. Rousey would be a hard woman for many men to handle since she's called "the baddest woman on the planet" but it appears that Browne is doing Dating female wrestlers great job and given Rousey's upbringing, it's hard to see her being someone who could be considered high maintenance. Lita Via stillrealtous. While the stories about Lita before she came to WWE are yet to be confirmed, it appears that there are a number of stories about the former star while she was working for WWE.

Throughout her career, Lita has been linked to a number of WWE superstars including Edge and Matt Hardy, which became one of the biggest love triangles in the history of the company. Lita was beautiful and she was a talented performer but her personal life changed her on-screen character and made her an easy heel to dislike, especially after the things she did to Matt Hardy. It's hard to see a woman as beautiful as Lita still being single more than five years after her breakup with CM Punk unless there was an underlying issue. Naomi Via WWE. She also married Jimmy Uso back in and has become a fantastic stepmother and role model to his children.

Female wrestlers Dating

She has since been seen as a jobber in the Women's Division but was finally able to change that with her new "Glow" persona. Naomi comes across as the most down to earth WWE Diva on the roster and her appearances on Total Divas just seem to back this up. This just goes to show that Naomi isn't attached to drama as much as her fellow WWE Divas and even though she's absolutely stunning, she has already met the man that she wants to spend the rest of her life with and is happy to live a boring life with him. Naomi is as gifted as many women in the company right now, but she is often overlooked by WWE in favor of the likes of Charlotte and Asuka.

AJ Lee Via cagesideseats.

AJ was never open to changing and wrsetlers another cookie cut WWE Diva, Dating female wrestlers was why she had so many issues with backstage officials in her wreatlers. Throughout the book, AJ describes some of the femalee issues she had in Datkng life and wrrstlers hard it was for her and her siblings growing up with her mother's bipolar, Wrrstlers herself also struggled with bipolar disorder throughout her wrestling career and documented just how hard this was Dating female wrestlers her book but wretlers has been supported by her husband and become a voice for many charitable causes in recent years.

Lee has become a New York Times best-selling author and it was Datung reported by Pro Wrestling Sheet recently that there are plans to turn her book into a TV series, where she will femsle the screenwriter. Lee may need a lot of support from her husband, but the former wrestler has proven wredtlers no matter what happens she always lands on her feet. Trish Stratus Via inquisitr. She was the wrestldrs WWE Diva. She was a former gymnast that was able to adapt this flexibility into a moveset and it led her to a record seven Women's Championships. Trish Dating female wrestlers not only a star on TV screens, but she was also one of the most loyal wrestlers in WWE history, since she started dating her boyfriend Ron in high Datint back in It wwrestlers 14 years before the couple tied wresstlers knot back inwrestler weeks after Stratus retired from Datihg.

Yeah, that sounds like a lot of fun. That said, these are athletes who work out, lift weights, grapple with each other and are constantly smacking their hands on the canvas. Her hands look like she runs the cement mixer at a construction site. A Space Odyssey. Look at Bayley. The WWE will never advertise it, but she failed drug tests twice and spent most of the year suspended. What about Eva Marie? Bad test. Or might she get injured and get hooked on painkillers as so many wrestlers have? Peer pressure and fear for your job can make a person do things they might never otherwise.

Yes, they are not trying to beat each other as senseless as they are portraying. That said, it takes a tough person to withstand the grind of being a professional wrestler. People like that know how to fight in real life too. Do you think that when the inevitable disagreement happens with your girlfriend who works for the WWE, that any former intercontinental or tag team champion is going to side with you? Without a boyfriend in sight, many of our readers may take a renewed interest in Brooke. Based on this list, it seems like the WWE has more single women than ever since most of them are usually already taken by the time they make it to the company.

She has struggled to find a place on the main roster, serving mostly as Paige's sidekick while also putting fellow Superstars over. Deville's heel antics may distract fans from the fact that she happens to be very fine, as some have the tendency to overlook her when speaking about the best looking women in the WWE. What some fans may not realize is that Deville happens to be the first openly lesbian WWE Superstar, although she hasn't exactly made a big deal out of it. That's because she wants to simply be viewed as a WWE Superstar. That's definitely what we all want too. At the time, it seems like Deville is still single as there haven't been any traces of a relationship from gossip wrestling sites to her social medi