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The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Chelsea Gives Dating a Chance

In the Newman's had a trade when Cassie advertised gear for tuberculosis, but it very out be printed and was referenced by antibiotics. Lead and Nick decided to run a new Internet and provide magazine.

While they were trapped, Brad Carlton ended up dying saving Noah from the ice.

Restless on the and the nick Who is young dating

After making love, Nick and Sharon remembered old youny and fantasized about what their dwting would've been like if Cassie had never died. Nick and Sharon made it back to Genoa Rewtless and Phyllis instantly ajd the two had been together during the storm. Nick kisses Sharon's hand By April while looking for datinh son, Nick and Sharon ended up making love resyless second time at the cabin. Phyllis knew what was Wbo on and trashed Sharon's hotel suite, cutting up her lingerie. Phyllis begged Nick not to ncik out on the marriage despite the second incident with Sharon.

Sharon found out she was pregnant and told Nick he might be the father, however, Id Abbott and Jack were also possibilities. Nick realized that he wanted Sharon and the life they shared years ago and he told Phyllis datnig was leaving her for Sharon. Nick admitted that he had been in love with Sharon the entire time he was married to Phyllis and datint Sharon ln "the love of my life". Sharon oh Nick reunited and began planning their new life together. Tests showed Nick was the father of Sharon's baby, however only Sharon knew the results. She was set to tell Nick, until tragedy lead Summer to be poisoned and near death.

After seeing Tje in crisis, Sharon went to Jack and told him ia he was the father and not Nick, so Summer would have Nick's full attention. Baby switch During her pregnancy, Sharon started suffering from kleptomania and committed herself to a psychiatric hospital for treatment. The truth about the baby's paternity came out during an argument between Sharon and Jack. Jack promised to keep the secret, but Nick overheard Sharon and Doris talking about it and wanted to be in the baby's life. Sharon became trapped in her room with Nick due to a patient's escape and explained why she hid their baby's true paternity from him. It was to help him focus on his daughter's recovery and help his family in crisis; to not stray when they needed him and not focus on her and their baby.

Baby Faith On September 30,Sharon went into labor. Also in labor in the same mental hospital was Ashley Abbott. Months prior, while he was gas-lighting Ashley, Adam Newman accidentally killed her unborn child. The Wedding March begins as Sharon appears. She joins Nick at the altar. The minister begins the ceremony and prompts Nick to say his personal vows. They discuss the watch. Nick feels they must unite as a family to protect themselves. Victoria hopes this is where it ends. When she goes to freshen up, Sharon arrives. Rey makes introductions.

Child actor John Alden played the role of Nick from to The network later requested him to read for the part of Nick, which he won. His contract was considered "record-breaking" at the time, as no soap opera contract had exceeded four years prior to this. He stated he was "happy to know" where he was going to be for the next five years, as well as expressing gratitude towards the soap opera for accommodating his living conditions and schedule. So, I guess those would be three of the top reasons Nick would want to 'stick it' to Victor". Morrow said "Nick's eager and fun-loving I want to tell a convincing story. I have never been a man in love with two women. I can only imagine what that must be like.

There is a lot of me in Nick, there is not that big of a stretch for me on a daily basis". Morrow felt that Nick wants to teach Victor a lesson, hoping he will "appreciate his children more". He also stated Nick wants to get respect, as he isn't "this young and impressionable boy who looks at his father in this hero light anymore. He stated that although the part isn't as "splashy or flashy" as Adam Newman Michael MuhneyNick's onscreen brother, he "really" likes Nick because "he's a good dude" and a "very supportive" person. SinceNick, whose love life according to Morrow is "messy and convoluted", [12] has been romantically linked to his high-school sweetheart Sharon Collins Sharon Case.

As teenagers, they dream of eloping, [19] and face major hurdles when Sharon's ex-boyfriend Matt Clark Eddie Cibrian exposes Sharon's teenaged motherhood when she gave her baby, fathered by her former boyfriend in Madison, up for adoption.

Nick, believing Sharon is a virgin, briefly breaks up with her thee they reunite. Sharon's best friend Grace Turner Jennifer Gareis seduces Nick, [22] triggering another breakup; [22] [23] Sharon and Nick reunite during a custody battle for Cassie. Of their highly anticipated reunion, iw head writer Kay Alden noted that during the previous several months "there's been a lot of stop-and-go" and "mixed messages" between the couple, but their feelings were "definitely clear" again; [15] Morrow felt that Nick loved Cassie as much as he loves Noah. The marriage ends the js year; Nick marries a pregnant Phyllis, who gives birth dqting their daughter, Summer Newman Hunter King.

Morrow said Sharon "seems kind of vulnerable and susceptible to people saying things about her. She killed him in self-defense and hid the body, which later vanished! It turned out that Cameron was really alive and seeking revenge. But Nick intervened and managed to rescue Sharon from the villain. A final farewell. The grief tore Sharon and Nick apart, and she found comfort in the arms of Brad Carlton. And after that, she began dating Jack Abbott. After surviving the fall off a cliff that killed Drucilla, Sharon married Jack in a secret ceremony. The next morning when Nick realized his error he panicked and swore Grace to secrecy.

Sharon never found out about this. When Cassie's true identity came out, Nick had a hard time accepting her. Sharon moved out, but their love for one another brought them back together and Nick began to love Cassie as his own. Cassie went to live with Sharon, Nick, and Noah. Grace used their sex secret to get a job as Nick's assistant at Newman, and renewed her attempts to steal Nick from Sharon. Sharon was going with Nick on a business trip, but when Noah fell sick, Grace went instead. Nick had been angry with Sharon and allowed Grace to seduce him. Sharon showed up the next morning to surprise Nick, but was stunned and to hear outside the door Grace telling Nick that their lovemaking was incredible.

Sharon moved out with the kids and refused to forgive him for his infidelity.

Then Cassie's adoptive mother, Alice Johnson, reappeared and hired lawyer Michael Baldwin to wnd for the return of "her daughter. Although Alice was about to win custody, Sharon and Nick were able to convince the jobless and flighty Alice that Ghe would be better off with them. Nicm gave up her parental rights and Sharon was awarded custody of Cassie. After a waiting period, Cassie legally became a Newman when Nick adopted her. But Grace felt betrayed when Michael won the custody case for Alice despite her efforts. When Victor found out that Grace had come between his son and his wife, he arranged for a job for her at a Newman subsidiary in New York City.

Nick and Sharon bought Crimson Lights Coffee House, the scene of their courtship, to keep it from going out of business and so they would have something to work on together. They later opened a second one in Milwaukee, and had plans for a third. Victor hated the idea because it would take Nick away from Newman Enterprises. But Nick managed to handle both, as well as being a loving husband and father. So Victor came around to accepting it, admiring Nick for not neglecting his family in the process. In the Newman's had a scare when Cassie tested positive for tuberculosis, but it turned out be inactive and was cured by antibiotics.

Matt Clark returned to town as Carter Mills, disguised by plastic surgery, and worked at Crimson Lights. He teamed up with Nick's old cellmate Larry "Wartman" Warton, both bent on revenge, plus Matt wanted Sharon for himself. Carter date rape drugged Tricia McNeil into sleeping with him, and used her to help set up Nick and put him in jail for selling drugs.

Cassie, who had not been dealing, comic her friends she had a way approved, then found Urban passed out in the back story of his personal. Nick icons Installation in.

Carter became a trusted employee and Sharon's confidant anc Nick was in jail. One evening Carter was invited to dinner at their home, so dtaing arranged for Nick to be very late. While waiting for Nick to arrive, Carter put a date rape drug in Sharon's margarita. Nick arrived just in time as Carter was about to rape the semi-conscious Sharon. Thinking she had drunk too much, Anx sent Carter home and helped Sharon to bed. Weeks later Tricia caught Carter attempting to rape Sharon at a cabin in the woods where he lured her, but Victor arrived and sent him running.

Tricia picked Carter up and drove off a cliff expecting to kill them both. Carter deliberately pulled out his breathing tube, js suicide to make Nick look like a murderer. With his dying words, he viciously told Nick that he had raped Sharon on "margarita night. Nick, finally out of jail and without the threat of Matt, lavishly romanced Sharon to help dting get used to datinb life again. Months later Sharon realized datlng was pregnant. Both knew that if Matt had told the truth, the baby could be his. Nick demanded a paternity test, but Sharon decided the risk before restlezs was too great, so was willing Who is nick dating on the young and the restless trust that it was Nick's and have her baby no matter what.

During a fight about this, Nick knocked over a restlwss, slammed out the door in a huff and drove off, creating a loud bang as his tire exploded against the curb at high speed. Fearful for Nick, Sharon ran for the door, tripped over the chair, and landed on her stomach. Her dtaing girl was delivered prematurely and later died. A paternity test showed the baby had indeed been Nick's, but the couple split up when Sharon was unable to forgive him for more or less an their unborn child due to his attitude. Just as there appeared to be hope that Nick and Sharon would get back together, Sharon caught Nick kissing another woman in the office at the coffee house and turned to her friend Diego, but he rebuffed her several times.

But once too often, and Diego succumbed and made love with a needy Sharon who was jumping to conclusions that Nick was having an affair with Grace whom she happened to see passing through town. Instead, Nick whisked her away on a second honeymoon, sure that once they were alone they would reconcile. Reconcile they did, but the guilty Sharon had a hard time enjoying herself. Sharon admitted her dalliance with Diego to Nick. Nick took it very badly, beat up Diego, then called up Grace and let her sooth his bruised ego in bed.

All the Newmans found out and took sides with Nick or Sharon as they told the kids they were separating once again. Diego explained to all that would listen that it was only one time, it meant nothing, and he was not the aggressor. After much soul-searching Nick decided to give his marriage another chance. Bringing flowers and a present for Sharon, he paused at the window of their home to see Sharon kissing Nick's father Victor. Furious, Nick called off any idea of reconciliation. When confronted, Victor took the blame, although Sharon was once again coming onto any man who was nice to her.

Sharon decided her life was a mess and left town. Cassie felt betrayed and angry with her parents after Nick brushed her off, being more interested in berating Victor than comforting his daughter. She wandered off and fell through the ice on the ranch pond. Nick finally realized she was missing a long time later, jumped into the pond and rescued Cassie. She was Care-flighted to the hospital and was in a coma for days. Meanwhile in the waiting room, Victor confessed to Nikki that he was caught by Nick kissing Sharon. Nick made up with Sharon, though still had not forgiven Victor. Sharon came home with a new resolve to not be trod on by any Newman again. But Cassie had not forgiven Sharon for abandoning her.

Suddenly Cassie's father Frank Barritt came to town and began trying to see her. Cassie wanted to know who he was, but her parents would not tell. Several months later, the Cosmetic Wars began, and tensions were high as nearly everyone's mate was the enemy. Not to mention Victoria and Nick whose parents were on opposite sides. Plus Victoria was resentful that Victor passed her over and mentored Nick to take over Newman one day, even though Nick was unable to forgive him for being too close with his wife Sharon. Jabot decided to resurrect a similar shelved project of Ashley's called Tuvia to compete. Payback was had when Dru found out that Newman was trying to woo Satine creator, Damon Porter, as their chemist for the newly named Safra line.

Dru stole him away to work for Jabot during Ashley's maternity leave. Jabot was still hurting financially, but saw Tuvia as their savior, depending on their reputation and fine product to put them back in the black. But Victor could not let Jabot win the war, so blackmailed Michael Baldwin into paying off large retailers to give them the prime shelf space normally held by Jabot. Nick found out about Victor's dirty tricks, and turned him in to the Feds. Victor felt Nick had betrayed him and disowned him. Victor was sentenced to do some major community service. After Nick and Sharon were kidnapped and nearly killed by Cameron Kirsten, it was easier for Nick to forgive her, but it didn't take long for Sharon to become bored again and wanted to be a stripper, but once Nikki and Nick found out, they tried to point her ambitions in another direction to save her children embarrassment.

Nick helped Sharon get a job at Jabot as Spokesperson through Jack, and since Jabot was still in a bad financial situation, Nick paid her salary under the table. Victor left town on another quest, leaving Nick in charge. A few weeks later Victor returned to find that Nick had let the power go to his head, cancelled Neil's pet projects and refused Neil's advice, causing Neil to quit. Afraid his sister Victoria would return and demand her former position, Nick hired Drucilla Winters as Head of the Cosmetics Division, and Neil was rehired to mentor her. Cassie turned 14 and had a crush on 16 year old Daniel Romalotti. All of the older crowd was going to secret party to be held in a park, and Cassie just had to go too - especially since Daniel said he would be there.

She managed to talk Nick into un-grounding her for the evening so she could "go to a movie" with her longtime friend Ali.

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