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You know the Macarena by heart. You youtune.com the proud owner youtuube.com silly putty. You wore stick-on earrings to feel grown-up. You wanted the cereal boxes with the toys in them. Origami Fortune Tellers were viable sources of information. Leeg is my round-up of the tydzkrif 90s bands with their accompanying hits. Radiohead—Creep 3. Blink —All the small things 4. Pearl Jam— Even Flow 5. Wheatus—Teenage Dirtbag 6. The Verve—Bittersweet Symphony yoytube.com. TLC—Waterfalls 8. Spice Girls—Wannabe 9. From dancing to singing to every type of art, we were treated to a night of impeccable talent.

The vocalists - wow! And of course, Mr. Was it the style or was it the saxophone? Nevertheless, we were impressed. We interviewed the winners to find out where it all started and what the future holds. We never knew how much work he was doing behind the scenes and we were all astonished to see him take the stage with such an excellent performance. Dillon has been playing the keyboard for ten years and started playing the piano five years ago. He practices about one hour every day when he has time, but practised more leading up to the competition. And he even played without sheet music! Dillon chose the song because he was able to express himself through the music and it was a challenge he wanted to master.

Dillon hoped, and his dream came true. He won the overall competition, deserving it all the way. It still came as a huge surprise to him, as the night was filled with many talented acts.

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Dillon entered because he thought the competition would provide an opportunity to test his ability at playing in public. Here is what he says about inspiration: We cannot wait to see what he is yet to achieve with such talent. Tydskeif is Reinata van Greuning. Reinata has been singing since she was little and began enjoying it more when Hannah Montana began starring on Disney Channel. She came across her ukulele while searching for something to buy with a Capitec Colour run coupon on Amazon. She put the two together and an amazing item saw the light. Her most requested songs are Over the Rainbow and Riptide.

She chose All I Want because it is known for getting the water works going and is a crowd pleaser.

She was urged by her friends to enter and is glad that she did! We are sure to hear more from Reinata. ROsemary van Driel Art Winner Rosemary has been drawing since before she could walk and has spent the greatest part of her life loving art. She finds her inspiration from watching anime and listening to good music — especially Queen — while she sketches. Rosemary is yet to discover exactly what she wants to do in the future, but it will definitely involve art. She is quite passionate about digital art and has started making her own website www.

His inspiration is mostly self-driven, but looking at other photos, especially photos with unique perspectives, drives him to change his style and outlook on the world. This inspires him to enhance his photography. Joshua is going to study film-making after matric and is considering photography after that. Winning — he did not expect it. The night was alive with many amazing, impressive photos. This caused his confidence to be rattled slightly, but he was extremely glad that he won Leef tydskrif online dating site youtube.com competition. Who knows?

One day when you watch the credits roll past after a very good movie, you might see Joshua Walker and think: Three dramatic geniuses. Three incredible dramas. One talented School. Drama season has graced our inner culture enthusiasts yet again, simultaneously pulling at our heart strings and leaving us in stitches. This year brought a few surprises though. First on the program is Sirkel,S, by Wicus Louw. It follows Juhard, a high school student, whose passion for art is disregarded Leef tydskrif online dating site youtube.com his homophobic mother who worries that a career in culture will negatively influence his life and eventually turns him out on to the streets.

Alexander, unable to handle the sudden death of his newfound brother and his father, conjures the image of Jacobus, to play the part of his subconscious. Jacobus's presence slowly encourages Alexander to try new things, and not be scared into isolation due to his Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. The ending leaves the audience speechless and emotional. He makes a life for himself, auctioning his paintings at an established art gallery, and meets Inge, the gallery's bubbly, headstrong, saleswoman. Eventually he ends up alone, yet again, and gifts the audience with a life lesson in the form of a dramatic monologue, that life is like a circle.

There are ups the good times - and there are downs the bad - but ultimately, life goes on. And last but certainly not least, is the heavily anticipated play, Dearly Beloved, by Miss Yanou Pienaar. A comical drama that leaves the audience rolling on the floor. We accompany Detective O. B Livious and his partners, Detectives Fire and Rain on a roundabout journey as they attempt to solve a series of seemingly unconnected murders. Each victim is an artistically Next, comes the brainchild of Miss inclined person, whether it be a singer, Annelie Van Zyl, Kopskoot.

This mime or writer. Although hilarious, the brilliantly written Afrikaans drama is play has a dark undertone that speaks based on two brothers, raised apart by of the harsh reality of today's society their separated parents, never knowing and the way we spend so much time of each other's existence until they working and prioritize everything else meet by chance, working for the same above art, and don't encourage the arts company. Both boys, now men, grew up lonely, feeling out of place in the world. And All That Jazz! In the week they were there, their schedules were booked out from dawn to dusk; work all day and performances all night! Every day, everyone attending the festival would start off with mixedability band practises, which were melting pots of high school and university students organised by an assigned conductor.

Halfway through the week, the bands performed a concert of all the pieces they had been practising, a definite highlight for everyone who performed. Next came two workshops: These were sessions about specific musical instruments or techniques, such as improvisation, bass trumpet or Brazilian jazz. After a beautiful lunch, there was another workshop. The free, evening performances were much anticipated and greatly enjoyed by everyone who attended. From five until midnight, there was constant music performed by some of the best jazz artist the world has to offer. We asked a few people how they will remember the tour and the hosting experience. Oor 'n paar jaar as ek terugkyk op hierdie toer, sal die spangees en dat ons skool so mooi bymekaar gestaan het en so trots was op wie en wat ons is, vir my die meeste uitstaan.

Ek was nie deur die skool gehuisves nie, maar het eerder met my beste vriendin by haar ouma in Jeffreysbaai gebly. Dit was waarlik wonderlik gewees. Ons kon elke oggend gou see toe gaan voor ons die uur se rit aangepak het Pearson toe, al het ons amper laat gekom vir ons wedstryd. Dit het vir my baie meer soos 'n vakansietjie gevoel as 'n skool event. Ek kan nie wag tot die volgende een nie! The Pearson tour was the most amazing experience! I felt that we grew closer as a school and built a great deal of pride and spirit. I enjoyed every moment from beginning to end. It was wonderful to spend quality time with friends and team mates, and to see the impact of the huge support from all students.

Being hosted was a great learning experience for me. It was my first time ever being hosted and it certainly exceeded my expectations. It was extra special to share the experience with a good friend of mine, Annemari Eloff. Ek hoop julle kan kantlyn te wees en die res van die leerders te dit weer doen en ek hoop een van die dae sien ondersteun. Pearson was veral 'n lekker toer omdat ek die hele pawiljoen vol PV-kinders. Dit Die ondersteuning by al die was 'n goeie ervaring omdat ek die huisvesfamilie ken van laas jaar toe Pearson se hokkiespanne hier aktiwiteite.

Ek het baie goed oor die weg gekom met my was. Hulle was baie gaaf. Die gees en gevoel van familie terwyl ons daarin gery het was iets om te onthou. My huisvesfamilie was die beste! Ontbyt was ook altyd awesome. Playing tennis matches the whole morning and winning mixed doubles with a boy I have never played with before - but he was wonderfully funny - was one of the best matches ever! The host family was extremely friendly. We had a wonderful breakfast and the parents were very kind. The girl was a really good dancer and we - my sister and I twinning - Ed.

Daar tydwkrif nie een spesifieke gebeurtenis wat vir my uitgestaan het nie, dit was net vir my die onljne ding om Leef tydskrif online dating site youtube.com sien hoe youtubw.com saamstaan en hul harte tydslrif sing. Die skoollied na Lesf eerste span se yotuube.com het my so trots laat omline. Die geeskomitee het so baie moeite gedoen en al die sing en skree het die toer vir my amazing gemaak. My host family was very tydskif and hospitable. They just lived really, really far away. Hulle was baie vriendelik en ons het youtube.ccom oor die weg gekom. Ek het eie verblyf gehad by my familie, maar dit was nogsteeds 'n ervaring. We had so much spirit on the field, even though we lost.

One of the things that stood out was the fact that so many people came to support our game and not just the first teams. I also had a great time at the music evening as well as the hockey evening. I loved the PV gees. I became such good friends with the PV and Pearson kids. We had tydsrif a laugh the entire weekend: Pearson definitely left a lasting impression on fating. Help is needed if reintegration is to be viable, and sife lives of these people are not to be risked. We are currently in desperate need onlihe the following: He may have scored a lot of points for himself and his supporters but our nation was the loser, not olnine of him youtjbe.com them but due to the revelation of where South Africans stand with each other seventeen years into our democracy.

This is all the more a reason for Daying Africans to be concerned datnig what we need to take along on our journey to a brighter future and what needs to be discarded. Perhaps discard is not the most appropriate word to use as the aim is not to deny the past but to take from it what is relevant for the present phase of our nation building project. We are compelled by the constitution to work towards national reconciliation and the state is expected to facilitate this. Our energies should be challenged towards resisting wrong while working towards the positive. So Welpies, the idea is to keep warm, not showcase your entire anatomy.

There is nothing hot about a girl who looks like a dry leaf hanging from a branch on a windy day. Face it girls, you used to be hot, but that went out the window the day you decided to compete with the guys. But Pssst You should stick to the art of jock running, seeing as its the only thing you are still good at. Jasmyn girls sure know how to bring the house down every day of the week. Stones would like to thank you for paying their rent, ladies. Taaibos, Taaibos and Taaibos. You may intimidate Taaibos, but no else cares.

At all. Fighting with your fellow res mates, stealing tip jars Aandklas is dirty and Pssst In other words, stop hanging around Kiaat on Thursday nights when you should be somewhere else. Lastly, Pssst Residences and day houses reached out their cans to an estimated crowd of 30 people. As a result, the Rag committee managed to collect R35 These funds will be going into the Tusho portfolio and will be distributed into the respective charities. Tusho is a charity portfolio and a division of Rag which heads the distribution of funds to different charities.

Each residence is required to team up with the Rag committee on projects to help in the raising of funds. Although the procession presents a big opportunity for the residences to raise a lot of funds, donations are not collected in just one day. The residences all receive their fundraising cans in February and are given four months, from then until early in May to raise funds. The funds raised from the can donations amount to R35 at this stage, with some that still need to be paid in. According to Lesego Moeketsi, Tuks Rag chairperson, the Rag committee estimates that the total amount of the donations will be approximately R70which equals the amount raised last year.

Even though the procession was a success, Moeketsi admits that there were some challenges. This was due to the restrictions by the Metro Police. Michelle Prins Wie verteenwoordig jou koshuis? Dit was moeilik om inligting aan studente deur te gee, omrede daar geen suksesvolle pogings aangewend is om bestuur en studente bymekaar te bring nie. Baie studente het gevoel dat die VSR nie genoeg doen om studentesake op te los nie. Maar dinge het verander hierdie jaar, veral in die koshuise. Volgens Charl Oberholzer, voorsitter van die VSR, is dit deel van die VSR se visie om meer betrokke by studente lewe te wees en om werklik te weet wat aangaan op grondvlak.

Die doel is om kommunikasie te verbeter tussen die verskillende studente-strukture. Perdeby het vir Oberholzer gevra wat die VSR hoop om te bereik met hierdie projek: VSR-lede het reeds begin met die bywoning van die koshuisvergaderings.

I reasonably cannot wait for next generation. I bain played watching all the delays and tricking on my interactions. Lastly, Pssst.

For some international students, life is challenging in more ways than one. This can be a huge culture shock. Tydskruf to Afra Yousif Hussein Khairalla, a Nerina second-year student from Saudi Arabia, living in res was difficult for her at first: People keep forgetting that not everyone is from South Africa. At the forum a report was given on what the SRC has been doing for international students with regard to the youtube.co, they face. The meeting LLeef gave students the opportunity for students to raise issues they are currently struggling with. There are currently about international students at UP, which is about a tenth of the student population. Accommodation has been one of the greatest challenges international students face.

Mwabila says that the Private Accommodation office was removed from campus because they exploited international students. Another issue discussed at the forum was that every international student is required to carry their passport at all times, in case that they are asked for identification documents. Pressing issues were addressed and the International Students Division answered various questions regarding these issues. They insisted that international students join hands with them in fighting the challenges that are common to both parties. Most of them fail their first year because of the language barrier.

Not only is language a huge shift in culture, but the different res traditions also add to the culture shock. Such as the famous sokkie dance that is held at most of the male residences. This dance style not only makes one feel like they are burning calories on the dance floor, but also leaves you disorientated. Ibale only goes home during the June and December holidays.

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