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Ask a Guy: What Do Guys Like In a Girl?

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When you make a guy feel liek you need him, he falls more in love with you. Be independent and in control of your own life. Your confidence shows off who you are, and just how much you control your own life. If you want to impress a guy, let him see you as a girl who truly knows just how good she is. Guys are instantly attracted to kindness.

And beyond mere physical traits, how kind and considerate a girl is plays a big part in the game of attraction. The world will love you for it. This is a sneaky little tip that can work wonders for you. You may think a guy falls in love with a girl based on her physical appearances.

You may be used confused if he gives you, and others gyu, he's in the minimum same boat. If you think him, just measuring him. But here he is persistent about searching like a model.

But truth be told, he falls in love s the projection of what the girl feels Wyat herself. It's true that because girls are viewed as more emotional, our emotions are seen as more acceptable to express in public, while phrases like, "Man up! Here's the deal: That may explain why our guys are so confused about girls' displays of emotions. Hang in there girl, and remember, there are some things guys just don't get. Whispering and gossip can seem pretty immature, especially when you're spreading rumors or being mean to another girl.

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Guys certainly aren't impressed, but more importantly, you don't want to hurt others. Sure, people talk about other people. Wha there is a big difference between gossip and character assassinations. You hWat like it if the gossip was about you. If you absolutely must exchange information, be discreet. Boys worry about what you gy of their hair, skin, weight and gut. I just feel like I have a spare tire all lioe time. But here he is worrying about looking like a model. Moral of the story? Boys have body image issues, too. PMS lije no excuse to be mean. So, yeah, we feel your pain—and we really igrl feel it. Let's face it—the hormones that doo with menstruation affect di and being cranky around your time of the month is beyond understandable.

But that doesn't mean you should take our your pain on anyone, much less a guy who doesn't get it. The best thing you can do is take care of yourself. Just deal the best you can by taking care of yourself. Avoid things that aggravate physical and emotional symptoms like caffeine, sugar and greasy foods. Ever wondered what your cravings mean? But seriously, get plenty of sleep, drink loads of water, get some exercise and take lots of warm baths—yes, even in the afternoon when you get home from school. No lengthy, drawn-out explanations necessary. Guys care way less about your body than you think.

The truth is, you're a way harsher critic of yourself than a guy will ever be. Guys can't tell slight differences between sizes, and honestly, they don't really care. You know that Drake song when he says, "Sweatpants, hair tied, chillin' with no makeup on, that's when you're the prettiest Well, he's right. We love when you get dressed up and feel beautiful, but know that you don't need to flip a switch from your real self in order to gain our acceptance. If there ever comes a point when you feel a need to do that, well, you're just with the wrong man.

Respect How you present yourself says a lot about who you are. Wearing clothes that accentuate your body is nothing new, nor do I believe it's disrespectful. But, that's not where I am going with this. Where you go, whom you go with, what you say and how you say it reflects you as an individual. And, truthfully speaking, men don't want someone who is everywhere, doing everything, with everyone. You can't respect a man if you don't respect yourself. It's not a knock, but seriously, how would that be possible? We prefer the woman who's sitting home, reading a book as opposed to getting drunk with her friends on the weekends; we prefer the one who's life is kept more low-key, as it makes her more intriguing.

Alexey Kuzma The less we know about someone's life, the more interesting that person becomes. It forces us to engage, to inquire, to seek out. Our conversations with you gain substance, and this becomes appealing. If we know everywhere you've been and everything you've done, where does that leave us? Everything for us elevates with touch. By nature, we're drawn to it. Ask a Guy: What do guys like in a girl? What do men want in a woman that makes them see them as a catch? Moreover, we also need to factor in what men want in their life.

We need to look at all three areas because they are interconnected. Part 1: Some men love science, others are uninterested. Some men love fitness, some love leisure, some love humor. Every man loves something and it is plain as day if you actually look for what your man loves. When you know what he loves, you want to start digging to really understand the emotions he has about that particular thing. Do you like concerts in general, or is it just because you like that artist?

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