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A 30-year Satyagraha: The story of Gour Hari Das

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The dasatan was that Das had fought for the country and haro country did daataan recognise him. So the question was: Have we made a mess of the freedom that we actually fought for and which came at a price? It was a political statement and a personal journey that came together which became cinematic material for me. Is your movie, in that sense, is a metaphor for the times? The movie works at many layers. It is about that strange feeling you get when the whole world tries to wipe out the truth you were actually fighting for. If that truth is wiped out of your life, you cease to exist. Every generation has its own meaning of freedom. What does the new generation think of freedom?

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I am not sure the new generation has actually understood what the word, freedom, means. When something is handed to you on a platter and when you have a roof on your head, you are not interested in knowing who built that roof. Freedom fighters like Gour Hari Das are virtually an extinct tribe. They are trying to explain what they sacrificed their childhood for: Today, no political party is different. When, one is in opposition, it would blame the other in power and vice versa.

It has dastaab a standard practice. There is a lack of stability. Why did you refuse to accept an open piece of land in Mumbai that was being given to you as a freedom fighter? An open piece of land in Mumbai is very costly. I told government to give that land to a needy, a landless. How do you keep yourself occupied?

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I work as a Special Executive Officer earlier Magistrate and attest copies of dastaaan documents. I only charge for the ink I use. Your guide to the latest election news, analysis, commentary, live updates and schedule for Lok Sabha Elections on firstpost. Follow us on Twitter and Instagram or like our Facebook page for updates from all constituencies for the upcoming general elections.

Updated Date: Aug 14, Digital onlinne comes free with it. If you are dting this distribution zone you can access the full bouquet of Firstpost Print content online for a limited period. I had documents GGaur the time that I had spent in jail. Still, the state government officials would say things like, 'You look too young to have fought for independence'," Das says. The cut-off for the recognition was one month, and it took me a year to convince them that I met that criterion. His two struggles have now been immortalised in the film Gour Hari Dastaan: But Das is neither bitter nor angry.

Just disappointed. Times under the British were better, in some ways. Now, only if you give something first will your work be done. Earlier, a box of sweets or a fruit basket would be gifted, but after the work was done. Nobody would ask for favours. My right ear doesn't work.

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