Apple mail not updating gmail

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Gmail IMAP Subfolders not syncing with Mac Mail – SOLVED

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Not getting any new emails.

The app seems to run incredibly slowly. All of these can be caused by a common syncing problem. To get things working as they should, you'll need to re-sync your Gmail account. Here are some steps you can try to get Gmail synced again. Try a manual sync.

To check if it's possible to still sync the app and your account, open the Gmail app, then swipe from the top of the screen to the bottom. If that refreshes your inbox, you just performed a manual sync. You can stick with that as your way of syncing up with your email or you can set up automated syncing. Manually syncing Gmail is handy if you only check it periodically on a single device. Enable automated sync: Tap the three-bar menu icon. Scroll down, tap Settings, then tap your account name.

Not Apple gmail mail updating

Scroll down to the Data usage heading and tap Sync Gmail to enable automated synchronization. Make sure you're online. You need to be online to sync your Gmail app. Make sure you're connected to the internet over either Wi-Fi or a cellular data connection. Check your password. Go to mail. If you get a password error, that may be why the app isn't syncing properly. Change your password on both devices and sync may work properly again.

Superintendent chart. Time and receiving via Liberty worked great, but the subfolders were not realizing.

Update the app. Downloading the latest version of the Gmail app can sometimes be all it takes to do away with Gmail sync problems. Clear Gmail app data: Tap Apps and Notifications; or, on older versions of Android, tap Apps. However, after getting my whole account 3. Sending and receiving via IMAP worked great, but the subfolders were not syncing. I called Apple — they said it was a server issue. Contacted Gmail. Talked to the first tech who spent an hour walking me through all the stuff I had gone through myself via Google searches. Finally, they said they needed to bump me to an upper-level support. After about 2 weeks and the frustration of answering low-level questions back and forth via email, I got a call from Google tech support.

We walked through a screenshare with my Gmail account and my Mac Mail account. Were all the settings correct? Yes Etc. After going through a bunch of basic items, we started looking at the labels in the Gmail account. Some of my subfolders were syncing, some were not.

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