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Establishing your career To become a Victorian firefighter, successful candidates must complete 20 weeks of intensive training as part of the Victorian Career Firefighter Course, at the Victorian Emergency Management Training Centre in Craigieburn. Prior to all job offers, a thorough pre-employment medical is conducted by the Brigade Medical Officer. Public holidays: Green probationary licences are acceptable. This includes driving under emergency response conditions when travelling to incidents and driving under normal road conditions when returning from calls for assistance or conducting routine checks of their maintenance area.

Australia Fireman dating

This is a defined-benefit superannuation fund to which you contribute according Fireman dating australia the rate you nominate on your superannuation form. The prior history of all applicants is considered holistically and on a case-by-case basis. Charged with or awaiting criminal proceedings An applicant who is charged with or awaiting criminal proceedings is not eligible to apply until the outstanding matters are finalised. Medical clearance: This annual leave is taken in two blocks per year, and is rostered according to the shift and location to which you are based. Demerit points An applicant who has incurred eight or more driving demerit points at the time of their application and at any stage up to an offer of employment will be disqualified.

Driving whilst licence suspended, cancelled or disqualified An applicant found driving whilst their licence is cancelled or disqualified may be eligible to apply 10 years from the date of the offence. Once qualified, there are a range of opportunities for career progression and take on more responsibilities at an incident, on station and beyond.

Please refer to these policies to check your eligibility. This includes all findings of guilt including convictions, uastralia, diversions, good behaviour bonds and without-conviction findings. Application for special consideration If a person is unsure about their eligibility or does not comply with any of the criteria specified in the Criminal History policy or Driving History policy, they are required to complete a Voluntary Disclosure form. Other activities may include: Driving history policy Drink driving and serious driving offences An applicant with a finding of guilt for exceeding the blood alcohol level Exceed PCA with a reading of 0.

Industrial accidents and hazardous material handling and storage incidents Assisting other agencies in emergencies Fire investigation analysis Community resilience activities may include:

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