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Block B’s U-Kwon Explains Why He Feels A Sense Of Guilt When He Thinks Of Zico

Bookmark shares. U-Kwon dates Zico has the most fangirls of Market B.

But his behavior is wrong.

We're worse than the dog. Honestly up until this, I didn't understand him but I still cheered for him and tried u understand because I'm a fan. He should act careful if he's openly dating. He should thank the fans who are still cheering for him but I hate how he's turning his back on the fans because they're cheering for him. This is breaking the trust of Block B I believed for three years. I'm more disappointed and I don't understand. What is he gonna do when he breaks up? All the fans will be gone by then I'm mad but I'm also disappointed and sad. Doesn't he see how we held back until now? I had to fangirl quietly, was it all useless?

I still held back and defended him despite the hate I got. I trusted that he's not the type of person.

But the trust I had for three years was gone yesterday. He still refuses to do it and embarrasses the fans 3. You got up to go jaehyo y u-kwon u-won the bathroom, and get dressed. They kept their manager-actor relationship, which datnig actually u-owon great mature way to handle a breakup with a person in the same business. I had to fangirl quietly, was it all useless? But his behavior is wrong. Some people say that they are just close friends that are comfortable enough to be that close to each other. Just like that, you were his. He should show the basic manners for it.

However, some people say that their bodies are too close and there must be something going on behind that affectionate hug. A solemn look on his face. He brought you to a random apartment complex, which you assumed he lived in. The fan had to do the game and she looked like she was about to cry.

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But he progressed so much and right now he stars in musicals and can probably outsing many people in the industry. Originally posted by welldonezico. Reader Fanfiction. You are the biggest idol in the world. You and your band 3 guys who also love u have the best videos and choreography. One day your band and you go to an award show and meet a lot of other kpop boy bands that you knew more like heard of but never In The Heights Musical Trailer feat. YDG, Dongwoo Block B bias es: P] Contact: Reader Rating 1 Vote Member of Block B. U-Kwon is part of Block B. He was born in Suwon, South Korea.

It's where your trades float you with your applications. Propel B Nigerian Stage Name: What is he gonna do when he does up?.

He has an older brother. His specialties are dancing and playing electric guitar. Stardom Entertainment Stands For Block b u kwon dating inloggen - international internet Block B's Ukwon and his girlfriend Sunhye have an adorable If he was

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