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We do not have to copy Sydney. Let the ones who want to see this kind of behaviour go to Sydney. Lorraine Morgan Alice Springs Fortunately it wasn't too long before the cavalry mounted a charge against the forces of righteous indignation. Penny Bowen directly challenged three previous correspondents and suggested that a festival might be a good reaction to such evident discrimination. Sue Gibson was also horrified by the rednecks. But the deluge wasn't stopping just yet. Mien Blom and her whole family pleaded with the Advocate's editor to stop the festival. She could forsee the inescapable displays of promiscuity to come and knew deep down that a "safe and caring environment" was just code for giving unhindered freedom to "extremists".

As well as decrying the provision of Territorians' money to the festival, she could see that the prejudice and rejection being voiced by townspeople were clear signs that Alice wasn't the right place for the gay community to hold a party. Daphne Carrol was just plain sad that there would be a gay festival, rather than a "lovely" Masters Games, or caravan or home show. To Adrian Butler sic I have a comment: I want this town to be safe for my son also, but so far in my five years as a resident I have not seen any headlines of "rampaging gays and lesbians roaming streets targeting children.

March 7, p. Meanwhile in the NT, possibilities are written, and sex critics can only add as arrays. It began in Virginia Periods but was made to Katherine and Tennant Announcement, the latter of which is under competitive alcohol restrictions after the involved sexual assault of a two-year-old speeding.

To Terry Reilly, as far as I know sadness and sorrow are feelings people develop from traumatic events in their lives, ie: Finally, do any of you people ever stop to consider why the homosexual community stages these events? Maybe it's because they are discriminated against and are just bloody sick of it. I know it's the Outback and we're all supposed to be intolerant rednecks but I never really believed that it was so true. The same themes recur through the letters and I find them to be inaccurate. Gay people do not threaten family life; procreation Women to fuck in alice springs, yes. Gay people do not fall from the clouds, they too belong to families. It needs to be remembered that we are hosting a gay festival, not a paedophile festival.

There is no need to lock up your children. Perhaps people are concerned that they won't be able to explain the issues involved to their kids. Homosexuality is not contagious. Your kids will not become homosexual as a result of the festival. Some of them already are. Maybe it's time to open your minds instead of reacting with fear to the unknown. Sue Gibson Centralian Advocate: February 27, p. Promote Alice another way Sir, 0n behalf of my husband and my family, I beg you and your readers to do whatever is in your power to stop the proposed Mardi Gras Festival from being held in our town. It is hard enough these days to teach our children and grandchildren common decency without this kind of exposition of promiscuous sexuality.

Would that not give gay extremists permission to do whatever they like here? We are appalled to read that the NT Tourist Commission is prepared to sell out Alice Springs' respectable reputation and that our Town Council is using ratepayers' money to show films at Araluen in support of the festival. Wouldn't our beautiful town benefit far more from a caring environment where travellers can safely take their children, our future tourist, instead of scaring visitors away with such a demoralising and incriminating display, which would not be tolerated from heterosexual extremists either?

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Mien Blom Alice Springs Saddened Sir, Millions of dollars came into our economy from lovely events like the Masters Games, caravan and home shows, but my friends and I are saddened that we would have such a thing as a Gay Festival. It does not set a good standard for Alice's youth and surely the police have enough to contend to without having to cope with the extra burden. Daphne Carroll Sprijgs Springs However, it wasn't just s;rings the papers that the anti-gay Women to fuck in alice springs were being vocal. Over the 10 days since the front page story had appeared a petition had been circulating calling on Alice Springs Town Council to prevent the festival alicee taking place.

On the evening of February 26, with just two weeks to go, a delegation of restless natives attended the council meeting to sprigs signatures and demand action. February 29, p.? Council was also presented with a petition signed by people against the festival to be held Wimen Alice Springs from March It was standing room only at council chambers when furious residents voiced their concerns about the gay and lesbian festival and any council support for it. Residents raised two particular points of concern during the minute question time session: How long had council known about the festival, and why did the public only find out about it by reading the Centralian Advocate? Advised Alice Springs mayor Fran Ehrlich said council was only advised of the festival through a media release from organisers on February Mrs Ehrlich also pointed out that it was the responsibility of the festival organisers to decide on promotional issues relating to the week-long event, not council.

Following question time, many of the strong crowd remained in the public gallery to hear the outcome of the vote. At the start of the meeting, Alderman Geoff Bell presented a petition to council with signatures from residents requesting council members use their full power to stop the Alice IS Wonderland festival from going ahead. The motion was passed 6 to 4. The only councillor not present at the meeting was Alderman Susan Jefford. However, Alderman Jenny Mostran said the town council logo would appear on any other advertising material for any other organisation successful in gaining a town council funded grant. Alderman Mostran stressed it would be wrong, and dangerous, to set a possibly discriminatory exception in the case of the gay and lesbian film night.

Many people had to stand outside. The Alice Springs News, always keen to highlight the failings of the competition, happily documented the Advocate's role in fostering a negative reaction to Wonderland in the town by its coverage. Mayor Fran Ehrlich nee KilgariffAlderperson Jenny Motram and NT Human Rights Commission staff collectively pointed out the illegalities of discrimination on the basis of sexual preference, as well as their disappointment with the media's and townsfolk's behaviour. Phil and Kalika issued a press release decrying the public negativitiy and clarifying that there was to be no parade, while several gay men, including John Tortorella and Tony Hand, publicly outed themselves and voiced their disappointment.

Fuxk was also a school of red Womne to be dealt with, including about how public Wonderland was going to be, the form and level of government funding, and letter writer Lorraine Morgan's wild claim the whole thing was just a reject Darwin idea dumped down the ln on Women to fuck in alice springs locals. And Deputy Chief Minister; Kn Reed, regretfully advised that refusing a grant for Wonderland might have invoked criticism from the tourism industry. Alderperson Geoff Bell; a member of the Full Gospel Fjck Association and clearly a central party to the anti-gay sentiment, allce the petition to the council meeting espressing his on at the apparent special treatment being afforded those of alternative lifestyles.

He was backed up by colleague Pastor Richard Tozer of the Potter's House Christian Fellowship; an organisation with a long tradition of disparaging queers, and likely facilitator of many of the petition's signatures. The Mayor, members of the gay community and some Aldermen have been battling to calm fears of a gay parade after a news article in the Centralian Advocate was published alongside a picture of Sydney's Gay Mardi parade. Following the article, at last Monday's council meeting scores of concerned people attended with an signature petition asking the council to intervene to stop the event. Local resident Mien Blom sent the Alice Springs News a letter to the editor, "appalled at the prospect" of a gay parade in Alice Springs.

When she learned that no such event was planned, she withdrew the letter. Alice Springs News 8, 5: March 7, p. Love thy neighbour Mayor Fran Erlich said: However the law was not strong enough to prevent the stream of anti gay letters to local media being published. John Tortorella, a member of the town's gay community, said: But there will be no parade, nothing in public. There are no advertised events in public places. Tony Hand, also a member of the gay community, said he had enjoyed a tolerant attitude in Alice Springs for many years and was disappointed although not surprised by the public opposition to the festival. Her mother and the father had been drunk at the time of the assault, which was carried out by a young man.

Seventy per cent of the cases are violent crimes against women. The practice comprises homicides, grievous bodily harm, adult sexual assaults and child sexual assaults. They are based ti case files that have fkck across her desk, confirming in horrific anecdotal detail a level of sexual abuse that has gone unchecked in remote indigenous communities where there are often few or no police. She said witnesses and victims were often forced to retract evidence because of intense cultural pressure and, as a result, many cases went unprosecuted. Rather than blame alcohol and substance abuse for what she says are staggering levels of domestic and community violence, Ms Rogers said indigenous communities, especially the men, must accept responsibility for the violence.

She said the causes of the violence could be traced to a culture that promoted male authority over women. Ms Rogers' views, broadcast at length on Lateline last night, are drawn from a paper she delivered to a recent closed conference of police officers. They are certain to cause controversy in the Northern Territory, which has the highest rates of murder and physical assault in Australia.

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