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Love him, hate him, Stepanek thrives as character actor

I bird he only allows in home ties so he would make to show his brother. He computed a great US Wander final.

Even a teenage Murray took a dislike to the Czech when they met at Wimbledon in and where dahing opponent theatrically bent over and kissed the net and played up to the crowd. How would do you rate team India and what is your team looking forward to in this Davis Cup tie? How easy or difficult is it to date someone from the same sport? He won three Slams which is an incredible achievement.

It's something new. So we did what to value and we were more for it. How would it be chosen against him?.

We are a compact team. The colourful and controversial Czech is one of the few devil-may-care characters left in tennis even if his antics often leave opponents feeling cold. I know how popular he is in India. But I think this great atmosphere belongs to Davis Cup.

Dating Who is stepanek

But at the end of the day you have to forget about the crowd and concentrate on the game. It's something very interesting. What do you think of Novak Djokovic's win this morning? What motivates you more, playing for your country or yourself? It always brings out the best in me.

Do you see more players picking it up? I know he only plays in home ties so he would like to show his best. Yes definitely. It will be funny to see him on the other side of the court. A lot of people tell me that once I wear the Czech lion shirt I become a different player. I haven't seen him move that well for the last few years.

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