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LGI is a family oriented supportive group that is made up of men and women age 21 datkng up. We are a group of under fourty individuals. We make our numbers count. Every member folilore important. Con el motivo de ayudar a los fundadores A que los lideres al igual ayuden a mantener activos a sus grupos con nuestras actividades y Retos. El Director General del Grupo es Guillermo Romero Guillo quien tiene amplia experiencia en teatro musical y es por eso que trae este arte a Smule. Using Smule Sing App as a Recording Studio and joining our voices together, we always try to create amazing covers of songs.

Results have been reached thanks to the love and passion that our member put into every song. LOVe is well known and recognized by others as one of the best Hispanic groups within the smule community, we have had great results on contests, obtaining first places.

Naked Call MusicalRemedy foregoing for its first trades. All these sites we don't one in a floating, where we will give each Test. MBC Flamed this group.

We have auditions once throughout the year and our members are selected by our administration. We listen to every single auction and pick the best voices! We are thankful for this app because it has given us the opportunity to meet incredible human beings from all around the world! Especially the harmonization between vocals and existing music. This group has a place to sing is love Your sound official, we make group songs and self collab. LTZ Sing 2Gether! Lyrical Addiction Lyrical Addiction Establishedtwo women wanted to create a group where the focus was on music, support and growth. Lyrical Addiction is an inclusive group and welcomes everyone regardless of what your specialty genre is!

Lyrical Geniuses Formed inWe have 42 members. We are an Original based group. The group started as a hangout place and eventually became an official group. Members are all Filipinos from all over the world who loves to sing for fun. We love joining contests and make group songs. Hopefully, we would be able to make more awesome songs in the future as we improve our skills throughout these journeys. Submit your work directly to our homepage MashupManiacs. Checkout more of our crazy mashups and more! Smaller group focuses on friendships and singing all styles of songs together.

MBC Started this group. The whole visualization of the group changed, as well. Instead of focusing on expansion, the vision became the idea of creating a group that targeted a mixture of innovative and diverse singers.

Everyone is equally treated as a family. Mostdeftones MDT Group was formed in june We had the dream of making amazing group songs with people around the world. Our gems are the best. We run Challenges every few weeks with the main aim of having fun our membership is over with 6 Admin. So right now we are sorting ways of people sing and have pleasure and fun with smule sing. All of our members write, produce, sing, rap, and each has a unique talent that brings something different to the table. We specialize in ALL genres of music.

Musical Remedy MusicalRemedy auditioning for its first members.

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Auditions began April 2nd thru April 8th, but will continue to run to have a good Karaome group. More info will be at MusicalRemedyOfficial. All genres are allowed. Estamos en constantes audiciones, por si quieren pertenecer a esta maravillosa familia! Nuestro lema: The group is open to all talented Filipino around the world. MyVo is now having more than members but only are invited into the social chat room and can be replace by other myvo member in and out the chat room as they pleased. We are active group. We are organising competition and meetups open for all smuler in Malaysia or nearby country.

Our main purpose is to unite all those singers and grow together.

There were no such features to communicate with others, very few nepalese users were in smule, huge lack of tracks fo,klore nepali songs and so on. Talented and brilliant members started to join the group, new ideas and concepts were born. We folllore the first group to design and develop our own T-shirt in the history of Smule based singing group. Anthem Karaoke folklore argentina online dating which represents NST was written, composed and recorded by our own folkloree whose music video was also released and is now available in YouTube. We strongly dting that NST is not about only singing, it is about uniting and interacting all music lovers around the world. The great Karaoek is, we arranged and organized Mega event and Musical event with grand success and we became successful to give NST a recognition in society.

To assimilate into social works, NST raised and donated about 1 lakh 65 thousands Nepali rupees to Dhurmus Suntali Foundation as relief for flood victims in Terai this year. From the beginning to till date NST presented more than six musical contests successfully and will continue to improve and further our musical journey together in upcoming days. We started out with about 10 members and have grown to be a small family of 18 members. The group can be joined by invitation only. Established in December by an Australian lady who took pitty on her co-members who were either being mistreated or got kicked out of other groups.

New Vibe A new group foundered August with a small but growing unit of friends and fellow singers. We participate in competitions and overall have a lot of fun in the group. We have about 40 members who are all talented. No specific genre focus but we are currently working on making great group songs. We are all very close and love to hear new talent. Started in April How to Find Love Anywhere in the World. Useful Phrases in Spanish: Yo soy de los Estados Unidos. Tu eres bonita. Me gustas mucho. Vamos a salir este fin de semana.

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