How to cancel zoosk subscription on iphone

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Log into your Zoosk web with the registered email have and password. Redundancy Zoosk account permanently Fun into Zoosk online yang system to minimize and sell your trading.

All in all, that's what you need of how to delete Zoosk account on different platforms. Turn off Zoosk sibscription and expire its remaining days Go to iTunes App Subscription ziosk to cancel Zoosk subscription. Step 1. Later, choose "More" and click "Settings" from its drop-down menu to locate Facebook Settings page. You can visit your Zoosk account settings page to view the accurate expiration date. Step 2. Remove Zoosk from Facebook Select "Apps" in the left panel. Then you can see all web applications that connected to your Facebook profile.

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You can open Zoosk account settings page and change its status from active to deactivate. Choose "Edit" button besides "Account Status". And you can also call Zoosk to ask whether you have deleted Zoosk account permanently or not. Head to Zoosk account settings Search and open zoosk. Part 3: Later, click "Account Settings" option from the drop-down menu.

Zoosk iphone on cancel How to subscription

zolsk You will be required of the reason why you want to deactivate or delete your account during the process. In addition, you should delete Zoosk from your Facebook account as well. Delete Zoosk account permanently Sign into Zoosk online dating website to deactivate and delete your account. Once you have canceled your subscription, wait until the remaining days on your Zoosk subscription expire. Then choose "Menu" icon to access its main menu.

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