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Today it will be concentrated on that fat ass of yours but other days we will whip and spank your tits and your cunt and use a variety of instruments like the bullwhip, cat of nine tails, riding crops, leather studded paddles etc. Watch wild pussy torture porn videos where poor cunts get burned with hot candle wax, electrocuted, pinched with metal clamps, whipped and slapped. The Master gently stroked her head and said that he would allow her to release her enema before the contents of her food bowl were gone. If you piss or shit without permission you will suffer the consequences.

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She then released her bladder taking full advantage of the opportunity to relieve herself and fulfill her bodily functions. She will be in charge and administer most of the punishment you will receive during your training. The slave girl screamed in pain as her cunt felt like it was on fire. The Master had expected this and had placed her doggy food bowl beneath her tortured ass. The slave girl could barely move as the Master pulled her from the small cage and released her hands from the cuffs behind her back.

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