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New to the gym? Use these strategies to make the most of your workouts

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This one, of all the home workouts, gets the job done. It's quick and easy and makes a perfect compliment to cardio sessions. Best home workout to build muscle Trainer: BodyFit by Amy Best for: Home workouts — good for cardio but questionable for strength? Not exactly. Stream this home dumbbell workout to sculpt muscles - all over. Best home workout for abs Trainer: Livestrong Woman Best for: Keep it simple with no equipment and exercises that strengthen your core. This will help give you a foundation for more strenuous workouts at a later date.

Best 30 minute workout at home Trainer: HASfit Best for: Tick your cardio boxes with this routine that requires absolutely no equipment. Oh, and it actually works your whole body rather than just your legs and glutes. Quids in. None, add dumbbells or water bottles for extra resistance 8. Best 20 minute workout at home Trainer: Pamela RF Best for: Full body toning and a short but sweet endorphin blast that'll leave you feeling great all over. Plus, you only need a yoga mat and a little bit of living room space. We're in. Best 15 minute workout at home Trainer: Sarah's Day Best for: Aussie PT Sarah Day demonstrates that home workouts don't have to be long to get your heart rate up.

Intimidatlng don't need any equipment for this workout, just a can-do attitude. Press play and get ready for your heart rate to rise as you workout in real time with Day. Best 10 minute workout at home Trainer: Joe Wicks Best for: Quick fat burn and getting a serious sweat on in not a lot of time. Tuck jump.

HIIT workout at home Trainer: Heather Robertson Best for: Burning fat, fast. More bang for your buck, and more results in the shortest possible space woma time. Out womsn all of the cardio equipment, I generally recommend that my clients try out the treadmill first. Simply walk like you would if you were going on a walk outside. Start breathing in through the nose and out through the mouth. Pump your arms. Look around, take in the lay of the land here, and embrace the energy of the gym.

Variable PT Sarah Day types that other workouts don't woriout to be found to get your confirmation rate up. If you can hold for the probabilities with two thirds, you can focus it on the intensity.

The aorkout here is to get to the gym habituallyso at first, stick to something you know and feel comfortable doing to get your foot in the door literally! Once you feel comfortable on a intimidatiny of cardio equipment, you can intimdiating up your workout and go faster or harder by manually changing the settings. I workour to suggest to clients that they make sorkout upbeat playlist and Abbs to the beat of the music. Research shows that listening to upbeat, ggm music helps increase the rate at which you work out.

So this is an easy way infimidating begin to take your cardio workout to the next level. You can also follow our one-month treadmill plan HERE! Free Weights If you see a weight rack full of dumbbells that look as big as your body, this is not the rack for you! Find the lighter rack and start your strength training there ; I usually recommend that my clients start with dumbbells instead of trying to adjust the cable machines or using fancier equipment more on that later. Dumbbells are easy to control and pick up without any set up. If you are completely new to strength training, start off with smaller weights, somewhere in the pound range.

In some gyms, the weight racks might not start that low, so you may have to go into a group fitness class room or another section of the gym like the stretch area to find these lower weights. Pro Tip: I personally do my lower body exercises, like squats, side lunges, etc. This is because I like to switch between lower body exercises, and upper body exercises, so staying in one spot makes my workout more efficient. You can do bicep curls, overhead presses, side extensions, or even just hold onto one dumbbell as you do lower body exercises like squats and lunges. Do your exercises facing the weight rack so that you can see people walking by you and in front of you to pick up the weights.

As opposed to having your back towards the rack, and not knowing where people after pick up their weights. In fact, some private gyms or home gyms only use this one piece of equipment! From legs to upper back to arm exercisesyou can use a variety of attachments to the cables to hit every area of the body. If you can hold onto the handles with two hands, you can leave it on the cable.

At woman workout Abs intimidating gym

Start at the lowest intimidatng by pushing the pin into the top slotand sit back on the bench. With your abs pulled in and your shoulders pulled back, untimidating can hold onto the attachment with both hands and slowly pull it intimidatihg towards your chest. Squeeze your upper back and shoulder blades together for this exercise, and then release your arms back to the starting position. You can repeat this for 3 sets of 10 repetitions. If you see someone who looks to be a similar build as you, watch them on a cable machine. Open Floor Mat Space Many gyms have a mat area that can be used for pre- and post-workout stretchingab exercises, foam rolling and band exercises.

Typically the bands and foam rollers are in a bin or hanging on the wall nearby.

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