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The 7 Non-Negotiables in Relationships You Shouldn’t Compromise On

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Whether it be your parents, grandparents, or potential children, our families are huge parts of our lives. Family is not the same as choosing where to order food from or where to go on vacation. Is that something you can change your mind about? Sadly, money is a big part of serious relationships. Do you agree on how to spend and how to save? Can your partner deal with you making more than them? Can they deal with you picking a job for fulfillment over money? It is a shame that money plays such a large role in our lives, but it is an undeniable fact and money problems end a lot of relationships.

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Plans do not always work out as we hoped. But having a general idea of your future helps you move Relatuonship. You do not need to plan out your whole life, but sharing dreams and goals with your partner can be vital to your future together. If Relatinship you want is to travel the world and your partner wants to settle down, discuss how that will work for you two. What are the right reasons to walk away when you love someone? Without goals, people tend to stagnate and even regress. Ask your partner where he sees himself in 5 or 10 years. A detailed plan is not necessary, but those who have few goals for the future tend to live in the moment and be reluctant to move forward with a partner.

In addition, your goals should be compatible. If you envision wildly different futures, it will be difficult or impossible to sustain your relationship over time.

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Every person has individual ideas about the best qualities that an ideal partner would possess, and which qualities are worth compromising. However, the 7 qualities listed above are key to a successful long-term relationship, and should be non-negotiable. Of course, these qualities apply to both partners. If you are a neat freak, be with a neat freak. If you are a bit of a pig, find another pig to root around with.

A fair fighter. Honest about what they actually want out of a relationship. Once you datiny an ideal relationship in your head, challenge it: If he treated you well but never made you laugh? How you spend your time and money can also help reveal your values. You might want someone with a spirit of volunteerism, a similar political mindset, a serious case of wanderlust, or a desire to start a family.

Narrow it down. Now highlight the things that matter the most to Relationsnip. These are things you will not compromise on or sacrifice. However, your values around marriage need to be identified early on in a relationship. Do you want to get married? Is this something you want in your immediate future, or do you have plans to fly solo for a few years? Ultimately, marriage is about serving your spouse. Husbands are asked to love their wives, and wives are asked to submit to their husbands. Ephesians 5:

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