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I was used, smart, talented, kind, worm, soul, yyoutube, and I spent searching new things. The more dangerous I was to myself, the more trusted I slept to sterling in my adoption with Erran.

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And thats why I myself here.

He was kind, youfube, loving, fun, and he loved and supported me unconditionally. I was literally going to loose the love of my life if I kept this up. I realized I Datimg to stop searching for love and validation outside of myself. I decided that I needed to stop focusing so much energy on my relationship with Erran Daing, and start Datinh a solid foundation and relationship with myself. I needed to start dating myself, and fall in love with me all over again. We took it slow, and began building from the ground up. There were many awkward silences, and uncomfortable date nights, but we honored our commitment, and kept showing up and taking the time to nurture the relationship, and get to know one another on a intimate level.

A few ways we got to know each other: The best part was, the more I got to know me, the more I genuinely began to like spending time with me. I realized I was a pretty cool chick. I was funny, smart, talented, kind, creative, adventurous, motivated, and I loved trying new things. I turned out to be a pretty HOT date!!

The more connected I was to myself, the more connected I began to feel in my relationship with Erran. I could finally let him off the hook. I realized all the love, happiness, and attention I was searching for was already within me. I just had to peel back the layers, and tap into it.

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I began to fill myself up all on my own!! What a gift!! He became an extension of all the love, joy, and value I had discovered within myself.

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