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Every year, more than 41, people are diagnosed with the disease in the UK.

As it is usually diagnosed late, the prognosis for many lung cancer patients is not as good as for those with other cancers. About one gogi three people with the disease will live for at least a year, while less fwmily one in 10 will live for five years. It is particularly dangerous as there are often no symptoms in the early stages. As the cancer develops, symptoms can include a persistent cough, coughing up blood, breathlessness, tiredness, weight loss and an ache or pain when breathing or coughing. Other possible symptoms include persistent chest infections, loss of appetite, wheezing, a fever and a hoarse voice.

Lung cancer mainly affects older people - it is rare in those under 40 and is most commonly diagnosed in those aged between 70 and Treatment depends on the type of cancer and how far it has spread. If it is diagnosed early, surgery can usually be performed to remove the affected part of the lung. Otherwise, radiotherapy can be used to destroy the cancerous cells. If it has spread too far for radiotherapy to be effective, chemotherapy may be required. The best ways to prevent lung cancer are to give up smoking, to exercise regularly and to eat a diet rich in fibre, fruit vegetables and whole grains.

NHS Choices Lighting up: Caroline rejected it. They wanted to have bigger, more obvious storylines? And they wanted to take the ggi out of the Royle's living room and set it in daitng locations? Caroline rejecting damily, saying that the only rubbish episode of Jos Death Us Do Part she could remember was the one giti a restaurant. Eventually, the suits backed down in the face of her comedy genius. Caroline, we salute you. A bit of a perfectionist Famliy much all of The Royle Family strikes us Rlyle quite ridiculously marvellous, but Caroline Aherne's not a woman who's easy pleased.

In fact, she thought the very first episode of the first series was so bad, she wanted to buy the rights to it and have it binned. Luckily, the hefty price tag almost a quarter of a million made her realise she could live with it as it was. The third man Caroline and her collaborator Craig Cash get all the credit for The Royle Family, but let's also hear it for the third person who helped bring the show to our screens. Henry Normal, their co-writer on series one, was a one-time performance poet given to such things as taking to the stage with a paper bag over his head imagine what Jim Royle would have made of that. She then pulls out a drill which was Joe's. Jim tells her to put it back because he might want to use it.

The doorbell rings in which Barbara goes to answer it. Jim goes to throw a nut at the bauble and nearly hits Barbara. She answers the door and it is Denise without Dave. Barbara asks Denise where Dave is and she tells them that he is at a conference. Denise heads into the kitchen to make a cup of tea. She asks Barbara where the mugs are, where the milk is and how much milk to put in the mugs. Barbara goes to help her and shows her how much milk to put in them. Whilst Barbara is doing that, Jim gets a coin and scratches the scratchcard to see if he has won any money.

Family gigi dating Royle joe

He datkng, so he makes funny gestures. Barbara asks Denise what's wrong and she tells her that her and Dave have been having problems in the bedroom. Barbara asks what kind of problems and Denise tells her that Dave's dickie is broken, in other words, he has erectile dysfunction. She also tells Barbara that he has gone to the doctors, not the conference.

He then goes upstairs and Edna starts temporary. She has been running, mostly with her smallest fee Craig Disparities, and also observed up some experience performing shapes. Jim blames Amy for inviting her when she hadn't.

She reveals that Dave took a picture of it on his phone because he doesn't want to show it to the doctor. Barbara tells Denise that Jim might have some advice on the situation because he can sometimes be really understanding. Jim starts to laugh when Barbara has fating him. Denise comes in with the mugs of tea and Barbara tells Jim that he would handle it sensibly. Jim keeps making fun of Dave. She answers the door and it is Dave. He goes to sit down next to Denise. Barbara goes gifi make a cup of tea bigi Dave.

She then shouts to Jim, "Who's is this fiver on the table? Barbara then tells familj that there is no fiver and that they need their privacy. Denise asks Dave how it went at the doctors and he tells her that he sees this problem often in the north-west. Moreover, she has lost touch with the rest of the showbusiness crowd with whom she once had regular contact, among them comedian Steve Coogan and actor John Thomson. Another says: Most of her friends have settled down and have families, or are working on important projects of their own. Meanwhile, her friends from The Fast Show where she first made her namesuch as Paul Whitehouse and Charlie Higson, all have successful projects on the go.

Aherne is also nurturing more personal heartache, having made the decision long ago that she would not start a family. Like her older brother Patrick, she was born with a rare cancer of the retina. As a child, she had to go to Barts Hospital in London every four months for treatment and was not given the all-clear until her mids. By then, she had lost most of the sight in one eye. She has made the decision never to have children in case she passes on the disease. Her romantic life is far from settled, too. Her failed relationship with Cash is still a thorn in her side, while her first - and so far only - marriage to New Order bass player Peter Hook in failed after two years. She subsequently began a relationship with television researcher Matt Bowers, but was devastated after he died from a rare cancer of the small intestine in In a relationship with actor Alexis Denisof, best known for his role in the cult shows Angel and Buffy The Vampire Slayer, floundered after just a few months - perhaps not helped by an erratic display at an awards ceremony where an apparently inebriated Aherne was pictured publicly embracing the married television presenter Paul Ross.

It was after her break-up with Denisof that she attempted suicide.

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