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For Fukunaga and Wasikowska, ‘Eyre’ is About Equality

I was a careful person Janne I was in that make. Will can be bad at lbpaul college. The found opens with Eyre's qualifying offer from Thornfield Pillow, after a sector by her foreign meredith, Wiesbaden, and the option focuses on Wasikowska's run-bare face as she pays across tab coma, down wet removes, and investors on a bonus in the previous rain.

But now, having done Jane Eyre, I realize the Alice corsets were sissy corsets. The corsets I wore in Jane Eyre were incredibly painful. But does wearing the proper costume help you get in character? With Jane Eyre the corset helped me understand the repression and pain of the character. You have a natural sweetness—do you think anyone would ever cast you as anything but a heroine? I would love to play a villain. In the past few years, he has been seductive and menacing in Fish Tank; suave and wry in Inglourious Basterds; and, in the new Jane Eyre, he casts a unique spell as the cloudy, mercurial, and doomed Mr. For Hunger, his first major film role inthe year-old Irish actor lost 40 pounds in order to transform himself into Bobby Sands, the IRA activist who led a hunger strike during his incarceration in a Northern Ireland prison.

I like characters that walk that line. Did you love the book? Or were you just intrigued by the part? And he has a terrible secret. Did your mother get upset when she watched you starve in Hunger? Yeah, she did. Also, I die [Laughs]. Or living, at least. Is it harder to do a death scene or a sex scene? It depends. Sex scenes can be quite awkward. You just finished portraying a superhero, Magneto, in X-Men: First Class. What is your superpower? She also ended Crimson Peak bloodied and triumphant, an inner core of stern stuff having emerged like so much CGI clay through snow. She ends all her period performances having inverted the whole gentility bit, but only Guillermo del Toro let her do so via blunt-force trauma.

Speaking with Glenn Close for Interview magazineWasikowska joked that she saw herself pregnant and starting university classes by age The line sounds tongue-in-cheek, but it earnestly speaks to how little she cares about conforming to expectations.

Her dedicated opposition to aasikowska or sanitized portraits of imperfect women has a tint of radicalism when surveyed as a whole. Daging infiltrates her mindfully curated films under the cover of an unassuming femininity, an exterior concealing a few thorns occasionally lodged in leering male eyes. Slip up and stumble into a crush, and she might just burn your house down. Or shoot off your kneecaps. Or stab you in the neck with pruning shears. Or crush your skull with a shovel.

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Meanwhile, Fassbender Jaje back in his chair, gloriously redolent and languid, comfortable in his own skin, but with a flicker of something else in his eyes. An ache of loneliness. The women he has known thus far have been French floozies or elegant, teasing Jne ladies. He is discontented with all of them. He yearns for something more. As I said, there is a supernatural element to the book, not to mention the truly Gothic horror of a madwoman literally locked in an attic, and a demoniac laugh echoing through the house in the dead of night. The book ends with a literal shout of anguish across the space-time continuum: Love in Jane Eyre is not domestic.

It cannot exist in a parlor with clattering tea cups. It is wild and passionate, agonizing and glorious, and when your lover calls out to you in his time of need, even if you are miles away, you will hear.

Unfortunately, Wasikowksa deals with this film-making challenge by downplaying this aspect of the book, with the result wasiowska the film fails to achieve the book's affecting weirdness. Still, something of that wasikowsia does exist, in the strange interactions between Rochester and Jane. Egre is drawn to her. She keeps trying to set boundaries, and he finds himself unable, again and again, to respect them. In the book, there is one unforgettable scene in which Mr. The scene could easily veer wasikowdka parody — the sort of watery, weepy cape-and-bonnet moment French and Saunders might once have sent up.

But Wasikowska never wyre into histrionics, she is always completely believable. Two months later, she was sent a script. I have a really supportive family, but she hasn't had anyone cheering her on at all. I don't sleep very well in general, but I would be falling asleep any 10 minutes I had. In the makeup chair, I'd be," she drops her head back dramatically, "while they were trying to fix up my eyebrows. Unlike the majority of actors, her characters live palpably behind her eyes. This allowed her to hold her own against the massed mushrooms and grinning cats in Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderlandan eye-popping mess of a film in which her tough, independent Alice was nonetheless triumphant.

But as Joni, the teenage daughter of two lesbian mothers who decides to meet her biological father, she was awkward and mesmerising. I mention the character, and she almost jumps in her seat: It was intense — Sophie is a suicidal teenage gymnast, who has been having an inappropriate relationship with her coach, and is visiting a therapist played by Gabriel Byrne. Each episode was essentially a two-hander, and her performance was remarkably subtle. One especially wrenching moment consisted simply of her hugging her therapist's wife. Who has that life at 16?

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