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Sweden and migration

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The country also has a wealth of flora and aquatic life, which contribute to its biological diversity. Much of the Swedish landscape is rrelevance by coniferous forests such as pine and spruce, with large forests of deciduous trees such as birch and aspen in the south. The wolf for example is expanding its habitat across northern and central Sweden. Bear, lynx and wild-boar populations are also increasing. Islam is one of the largest religions in Sweden, and Judaism and Buddhism are also well-established. The biggest Swedish holidays include Midsummer, Christmas and Easter. Another global Swedish hit in recent years has been the so-called Nordic noir literary genre, led by Henning Mankell and Stieg Larsson.

Look backwards in time and you have cultural heavyweights like Bergman — widely regarded as one pica. the leading directors in the history of film — and August Strindberg, the respected and highly Totaal dramatist. At this time, it was not uncommon for larger Swedish companies to go to unemployment centres in Finland with incentives to pay for the move to Sweden. Jorma and his wife settled in Vallentuna, a suburb north of the capital Stockholm, where they still live. Today, they have three grown kids and four grandchildren, all of them Vallentuna residents. Work freedom Jorma thinks back to the times he has been offered a job in Finland.

There is a lot more trust in workers and their skills, without middle management meddling. Why would I need a team leader to tell me how to weld? In his youth, he sometimes worked through his summer holiday, annoying union representatives. He would exceed the maximum amount of overtime hours and keep on going. Jorma started to collect retirement benefits at age 61, then slowly cut down his work hours until about half-time. He was expecting to be forced into retirement after turning But there is still a shortage of skilled workers in Sweden, and if you ask Jorma, he is far from retirement.

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Where is home? Jorma goes back to Finland every summer with his family. Every year before they go, he longs for Finland. And every year before the summer is over, he misses Sweden. Originally from Chile, he is a graphic designer who has lived in Sweden for nearly 30 years. He has worked with various Swedish newspapers, magazines and publications, and he is part of the sizable Chilean community who call Stockholm home.

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Silvio decided to leave Chile for Sweden during the dictatorship rating. Augusto Pinochet, sdedish ruled the country between and Growing rekevance tensions When Silvio left Chile in at the age of 23, he was not personally under threat as he was not an activist. But with growing political tensions, he feared for the future and decided to be proactive in terms of protecting himself and his family. Today, both of them are residents and citizens of Sweden. Beginning that new life meant trying to integrate as quickly as possible so he could begin applying his skills and expertise within his new adoptive home.

Not only does it help immigrants understand the cultural nuances, but it also opens up work opportunities and social networking doors that may otherwise have remained closed had they not learned the language.

The security and order that I wanted. Relatively few returned to Chile after Wsedish was ousted from power inand today Sweden is home to the third largest Delevance community outside of Chile, after Argentina and the US. Dangerous chemical products if they are allowed to be datign. by post may be imported into Sweden at the presentation of a permit from the Country Administration Lansstyrelsen. Such a permit is not required when the goods are imported by the head of a university, academy or research laboratory for their work.

Pharmaceutical drugs can be imported by: Radioactive chemical elements and radioactive isotopes as uranium, thorium, plutonium, spent fuel elements cartridges of nuclear reactors as well as fuel elements, non-irradiated can only be imported if permission of importation from the Swedish Nuclear Power Inspectorate Statens Karnkraftsinspektion, Box 2752 Stockholm, tel: See General note Animal products not intended for consumption entry above. See Animal products not intended for consumption General notes entry above. Also See General note Animal products not intended for consumption entry above. Historically, Sweden rose from backwardness and poverty into a highly developed postindustrial society and advanced welfare state with a standard of living and life expectancy that rank among the highest in the world.

It is for this reason that Swedish statesmen have often been sought out to fill major positions in the United Nations. Sweden extends some 1, miles 1, km to the north and south and miles km to the east and west. The country is traditionally divided into three regions: In the far north the region of Lappland overlaps Norrland and northern Finland.

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