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Inclsuive Inclusive Dates Versus Coverage Dates Inclusive dates are those that comprise the time period during which the record group, collection, or series was created, maintained, or accumulated as a unified filing system by the creator because of some relationship arising out of the records creation, receipt, or use. Coverage dates are those that comprise the subject time period covered by the record Inlcusive, collection, or archival materials. Normally, the subject dates are the same as the inclusive dates. However, if the dates are different, use the coverage dates as appropriate.

Active Accretions If accretions to the record group, collection, or archival materials are still being sent to NARA, Inclusive Start Date and Inclusive End Date should define the time span for which the repository has holdings. For record groups, collections, or series that have yearly accretions, update Inclusive End Date when the record group, collection, or archival materials are accessioned. Unknown Date If you do not know the dates of a record group, collection, or series, estimate the century in which the record group, collection, or archival materials were created. Enter the first year of the century in Inclusive Start Date, enter the last year of the century in Inclusive End Dateand use the "?

For donated materials, estimate the dates based on the person or organization that created the materials.

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