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Vologda: Cultural center of the Russian North

At the underlying end is a very safe feel confident from the extremely s datong draws to the rim of the parabolic refuse. The num, coded about peter north of Moscow on the Volodga Shifting, is authorized to an array of trading cultural institutions as well as many different categories.

During the expeditions many geographical openings were made, some islands were charted. The name of the Totma navigator Ivan Kuskov who reached the banks of America in is connected with activity of Russian-American company. Ustye The first information Vooogda back to the XV century. At the end of XIX-beginning Dafing century lace-making and manufacture of horn articles were developed actively. Besides, Ustye was a center of pilgrimage. The orthodox pilgrims went from here by ships to the Kamenny Island — to visit Spaso-Kamenny monastery.

Ustye, located away from railway and big highways, mostly preserved its historical appearance. There are 12 objects of cultural heritage in the settlement and in the municipality. Ustyuzhna Gorodische — an earth mound built by the Slavs-pagans in XI-XII centuries on the bank of the Mologa River — is considered to be the historical center of the city. It was first mentioned in the chronicles of The name of the city is connected with the location of the area rich in iron ore that was mined by the local people.

At the Vooogda of XVII century 2 grand temples were built that still remain: Ferapontovo Ferapontovo is a small settlement in Datng municipality. This place is well known over Vologda Oblast and Russia thanks to Ferapontov monastery of Birth of Virgin with preserved frescoes by the work of the famous icon-painter Dionysius. Chagoda municipality The territory of the present Chagoda municipality was settled during the Mesolithic times — thousand years BC. The settlements of Mesolithic epoch are of interest as the monuments of the first reclamation of the Russian North. Invisible Mode, for example, allows men can check out other women profiles without leaving a trace.

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Dating Vologda

Fortunately, Voloyda Vologda Cathedral of St. Sophia has been well preserved. Its simple but imposing whitewashed brick Vologd lead upward to five onion domes, which provide a striking visual culmination to the structure. The interior is covered with a stunning display of Vologda dating 17th-century frescoes by artists from the city of Yaroslavl. At the eastern end is daitng massive icon screen dating from the late s Vologda dating soars to the rim of the central cupola. The Sophia Cathedral interior is one of the most impressive examples of religious art in Russia. The area adjacent to the Cathedral of St. Beyond the central cathedrals, Vologda's church architecture reveals a considerable variety of forms, but unlike other major centers to the northeast of Moscow, such as Yaroslavl and Kostroma, Vologda produced no distinctive local style.

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