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I confess there are few things hotter to me than a cherry red bottom, soft whimpers and teary prideful eyes. If you are very new, I am a very patient and compassionate teacher. I am a busy white professional 6'1 tall and lbs. I have dark hair, and a fit build. I have been told I have a handsome look. I certainly feel I have a confidence that is very attractive. Additionally, I have a couple large tattoos and some wild piercings. Tell me about yourself, be certain to let me know what type of play you enjoy, or are curious to explore if you are new to the twist.

If we get as far a meeting in person, you will be wearing a skirt. Change the subject line to the kind of panties you'll be wearing underneath, and be certain to include a if you really want my attention. I have the type of knowledge so that I can solve any type of problem imaginable. Let me share my hard earned wisdom with you.

The sun looks like a warm red and orange colored fire ball slowly sinking into the ocean. We turn and face one another. Your arms are firmly wrapped around my strong broad shoulders. The soft wind blow open my loosely fitting red and black summer shirt. While massaging the back of your head and gently pulling your hair with my left hand. I slowly push your slightly open mouth against my bare chest.

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My right hand is comfortable resting on the center of your lower back, positioning your body ktong to mine in a pleasurable standing position. I bt slowly began to gently kiss the left side of your soft neck. You raise your chin so that I can easily continue to kiss your neck. My warm lips and slightly wet tongue sends an uncontrollable new type of sensation up and down your neck, shoulders, back and belly, We began to hold one another tighter and tighter.

Our bodies seem as though their becoming one. We can feel the blooming of an uncontrollable romantic explosion. I whisper into your left ear.

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