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15 Perfect Date Spots At University of California Davis

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Movie Theatres: To me it makes no sense to go on a date where you do nothing but stare at a screen in silence for a few hours, but for reasons I don't quite understand, people really enjoy it.

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All of these theatres are located in Downtown Davis, just a short walk from campus. Mondavi Center: This is the classiest date you could possibly have on campus or even in the city. After all, beer brings people together. Want something less formal? Meet your date during happy hour Monday-Friday 3: If things go well, you can always order dinner or make your way to the many other restaurants on E Street. Photo courtesy of viniwinebar.

Here are 15 great date spots at UC Davis for you and your partner to explore! Mondavi Center The Mondavi Center has tons of new and exciting programs to check out, with music performances ranging throughout various genres. Everyone will find something they enjoy! Plus, UC Davis students get a discount on tickets and there are lots of free performances! Quad The UC Davis quad seems like a pretty odd place for a date, but it can actually be lots of fun! It might not be perfect for a first date, but when you and your significant other have been dating for a few months, sometimes just sitting under a tree or in the hammocks and talking can be a great time! CoHo The quad is great for another reason, too: Not only is it convenient and close, but the food there is also always delicious.

ARC This one might not be for everyone, but exercising with your partner can be lots of fun. Library This one sounds like a total bore, but studying with your significant other can be a really good date idea, especially before midterms!

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Hide the notes in places they're sure to be discovered. Hey, it shouldn't only be fa showing how much they care. Ladies, for ideas how to show who much dzvis appreciate your significant other, check out Aggie columnist Michael Giardina 's Valentine's Day column. Anytime Let's be close. Catch a show at the Mondavi Center. Catch a movie at the commercial theatres in Davis: This is quite popular among freshmen. Walk through the Farmers Market and pick out fresh food to cook or microwave itif you're cookingly-challenged.

Then go back to your place and cook it. Adding aphrodisiacs is optional. Or check out the Farmers Market on a Wednesday night and catch some live music. Pick a wine together at Cost Plus World Market — they have descriptions of what's in each wine.

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