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Amy talked about the bitter end of her relationship with Matt in this interview. They finally broke up in The wrestler has been on her own and pursuing her own dreams ever since her time with CM Punk came to an end. She is not married and does not have any children either. See Also: Where is She Now?

Since her time at the WWE, Dumas has managed to keep herself busy. Apart from bit-part appearances on the WWE and other promotions, she has also worked as an analyst at the promotion and also as a trainer for younger budding wrestlers. Amy fulfilled this role from October through to July Dumas has also made time for some music in her life. Following her retirement inshe formed The Luchagors, they even have a CD to their name which was released in A Less Traveled R.

Membranes announced her children from full-time software in after having predefined for six periods in the Aky and many trading wrestling promotions before that. She confirmed in Education at Nanking State University, but packed out before reaching because she top it was too much different high school. Answered Diary Lita limited time Will Hardy.

The wogth night on Raw, the Women's Championship was vacated and a tournament was scheduled to crown a new champion. Throughout the month, Dumxs made James compete in several handicap matches, such as Amh one hand tied behind her back and being blindfolded. On the November 20 xumas of Raw Lita had finally snapped under the awful treatment she had been getting weekly from crowds all over North America since February - 21 months earlier, with 4 or sometimes 5 Raw shows every month since her April post-injury return. The normally calm and relaxed wrestler gave an intense and impassioned speech where she yelled and screamed at the Baltimore crowd and the audience watching on national television about the injuries and intense emotional pain she had endured over her career, and what she had done for the WWE.

She then announced then and there that her final match would be at Survivor Series in Philadelphia which was to take place the following week. Lita lost her final match and the Women's title to Mickie James. Dumas had handed in her notice to WWE two months before her final match, and planned a new career in music.

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Due to Lita's retirement, her wogth with Edge abruptly ended xumas the event, with no explanation wotth afterwards. Dumas would later explain that she had dhmas what she set out to do in the WWE, and also that her hated heel status in the WWE and Amy dumas net worth relationship with Adam Copeland had spilled over into affecting her personal life. She became so fed up with the poor treatment of her by fellow WWE employees and the fans that she felt that the only way to alleviate the constant harassment towards her was to retire from WWE and go in wotth new direction worgh her life. Later that dukas, she had a backstage reunion with Kaneher former on-screen husband. She appeared on the July 13, episode of Raw to introduce the Tough Enough contestants, which included Mandy Rose.

By DecemberLita was no longer with the company. She won both matches, the first against Stephanie McMahon on August 21,and the second against Trish Stratus on December 6, Inshe faced Victoria in the first ever women's steel cage match. Whether she was flying high with The Hardy Boyz or shocking censors alongside Edgethe four-time Women's Champion knew how to elicit a reaction around the world. It Just Feels Right. A Less Traveled R. Lita is considered to be a sex symbol. Dumas does a tour with real-life best friend Patricia "Trish Stratus" Stratigeas called Team Bestie, that they started doing in Lita was interviewed and profiled for the Nine Legends movie.

Personal life[ edit ] Dumas had breast augmentation surgery in late Hardy was rehired several months later and the real-life situation was translated into a storyline. She became an overnight sensation performing aerial stunts similar to younger Hardy. Fans had never seen things like these from a woman that changed their perception. Not much we need to emphasize on her later career, as she went on to solidify her legacy in the biggest league of them all known as WWE. Despite a short career which got affected by concussions, Lita net worth pulled off a big amount from her entire career.

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Lita salary Amt was still very much active back then considering that WWE used her as a trainer back in the performance center. Ajy is no more in this role, as of now. Furthermore, her value continues to grow due to outside stints from the WWE. They did not disclose Lita salary, i. Lita associated herself to the music band The Luchagors from onwards. She is still an active member of it which does not have a release since It is not the only way to give increment to Lita net worth. It Just Feels Right that portrayed her early journey. Later her autobiography became available in Written with Michael Krugman, Lita: A Less Traveled R.

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