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Nine things to know before dating an Austrian

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And do not expect the same from her. Common thought giirls it Austria normal for ladies to be 5 minutes late for a date does not work with Austrian women. Women in Austria are very punctual as it is the style of life here that was accumulated for centuries. You also have to know that in Austria people invite friends for some meeting in weeks in advance. They do this to be sure no one else has invited their friend to some concert or date in, 2 months, lets say.

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Read also: Role of Austrian women in society and typical Austrian family Respect for ggirls punctuality has more vivid aspects of Austrian culture than just following the time and be precise. You must know, that it is not ok to datjng the door for Austrian woman and pass the door after her. You have to enter first, otherwise Austrian woman would be confused and unsure what to do next. Give flowers with odd numbers only. Red roses are presented if only you already have strong romantic feelings with Gjrls woman and just want to emphasize it. Red carnations are better not to present either as they could have connotation of political party.

If you were invited to the house of possible Austrian girlfriend, unwrap the present in advance. As a good present you may use chocolate, wine or perfumes. It is good to speak about culture and arts, good to know Austrian culture and to talk about impact Austrian culture has brought to the world heritage. You have to avoid the topics of religion and politics, that are considered taboo in friendly conversations not only in Austria, but in other countries. The first thing you should remember is that if you find yourself in Vienna at the beginning of October or March, you are guaranteed to have a good time.

So, everyone will be a bit more loose than regular, and even if your game is weak, you might manage to score a hottie for yourself. During the rest of the year, these are the places you should definitely hit: Around Museumsquartier you will find solid clubs, for example, the Donau. If you like the alternative scene, cool vibe, and techno, you will have a chance to find chicks here every day of the week. Lutz is another excellent choice, especially on Tuesdays. MILFS will be waiting for you in the bar upstairs, while downstairs you will come across some younger and exceptionally hot girls.

Girls dating Austrian

That is a part of their charm and flirtation. Schwedenplatz offers numerous opportunities. Small bars and clubs such as Gnadenlos or Kaktus will never let you down. They are packed on the weekends, and they should at least be your last resort when all the other places are dead. These are a well-known hunting ground, as well. If you want to try something a bit different, Fledermaus is a good suggestion. You can get lucky in the bars along the U6 underground Line 6 too. If you are on a limited budget or looking for fun on Wednesdays, Loco has your back.

They offer tons of drink specials so you can often get a mojito for 0. You realize what this means? Tipsy girls, ready to flirt! Loco is considered to be a place for smooth players, so keep in mind that expectations are set high. Ride Club is a neighbor to Loco and has a similar vibe. You should hit this place on Mondays if you want to get with some foreign students because this is when Erasmus-Party night happens! ChelseaB72and Kju are the ones you should check out. They are narrow and get insanely crowded on weekends. On Mondays, Kju might even be your best option in town.

This place has Erasmus night on Tuesdays, and they serve some ridiculous shots! You will get the most numbers, make-outs, and one night stands here. He provided some great insight into the city of Vienna via private messages. After I returned home, I reached out to him to see if he had an interest in sharing some of his best stories regarding Austrian women and their capital city. I went to Vienna on an Erasmus exchange where I stayed for nearly a year. The city has great universities, and is just beautiful. The architecture there is mind-blowing, like Rome jacked up on steroids.

Austria has a complicated history. It was the first country incorporated into Nazi-Germany. Formally it was annexed after a referendum where Hitler was an Austrian, and proportionally the Austrian contributed the most members to the Waffen-SS. This would give them the position of Bundeskanzler Federal Chancellormaking them head of the Bundesregierung Federal Government. This reflects the mentality of the Viennese, but not the rural population which has A MUCH more conservative mentality than city dwellers. It is common to see elderly men sporting Lederhosen any day of the week, with a thick Hitler-moustache to accompany it. Politics and religion are especially controversial in nature and you would do well to stick to subjects like art and culture.

girsl Indeed the Austrians are quite proud of their achievements in the sphere of high arts like music and architecture. You can spend quite a delightful Austrian girls dating or two discussing the respective merits of iconic composers like Franz Schubert and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. They dress well Austrian women tend to dress up even when they may be gurls out for shopping or running errands. This is not to imply that they put on a lot of makeup or wear ostentatious dresses while going out — rather they dress conservatively but elegantly. So your Austrian lady friend may be using a single scarf to accessorize her suit, but it is likely to be well-tailored suit or a scarf of the purest Pashmina.

Even when dressed informally, women prefer to turn out neat but stylishly. Their clothes never scream for attention but are nevertheless classy and expensive. So if you are dating an Austrian woman, be careful of your appearance. Remember that there is sometimes a strict protocol for dressing appropriately in different situations — if you are taking her to the theater or a concert, you need to don formal wear for whereas a dinner at the better restaurants would require semi formal but not casual wear.

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