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Music Man StingRay

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Later advancements on the StingRay included a 5-string version the StingRay 5which has a 3-way blade switch that allows the player to muwic the humbucking pickup's coils, and a unique truss-rod neck adjustment system that incorporated a Teflon washer which made it highly resistant to rust and corrosion and made adjusting the neck of a StingRay relatively easy. In the early s a budget version of the StingRay known as the S. This model was discontinued in due to rising production costs. This dual-pickup version includes a 5-way switch, allowing the user to select different combinations of pickup coils and thus greatly increasing the diversity of available tones.

The dual-pickup configuration Datiing also adopted on the StingRay 5 and the Sterling that same year. After the discontinuation of the S. However, as of the entire OLP brand has been retired. The Ray 34 four stringand Ray 35 five stringare offered at nearly half the price of their Music Man counterparts. The 6-bolt neckplate is an example of this. The neck is also quite wide, especially compared to that of Fender Jazz Bass -type models although a neck with a narrower nut was optional in the 70s and is again as of called the StingRay SLO Specialas well as having the above-mentioned truss-rod adjustment mechanism that allows players to adjust the truss-rod without removing the neck.

Some users have also noticed an audible difference in volume between the lower three Datng E, A, D and the highest G string, with the G string suffering from a lack of stinngray - conversely many users do not experience this, and recordings demonstrate an even volume across the strings, suggesting EQ choice in a live setting may be responsible. Mouse Reject 47, views. Listen to hundreds of genre stations or create your own with your favorite music. Breaking them would seriously offend your Japanese friends or colleagues. Have you ever dr Active pups in a JP6.

Stingray man slo music Dating

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