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And I dunno…maybe. It was here. Her couplings had never been so full.

Escort Diaper punishment

But only liddle girls poo-poo their knickies. He had wonderfully detailed tattoos, four tongue piercings, a lot of ear piercings and stretched earlobes with mahogany plugs. The shape and length of the stinky sausage could so easily be seen — he was surprised at how the pants had moulded around the squidgy cucumber. Chastity began to cry as her face turned red with embarrassment. She had to poop.

A- a diaper…! Chastity started feeling tingly all over her lady parts. But only for an instant. It was squelchy. Her poo-flap sharted out a chunk of hot brown chutney with a loud farting noise. A few minutes later, the poor pants-pooper was lying on her back on a baby changing mat which the boys had laid on the floor. Art pulled a pink thong over the diaper and then a pink micro-miniskirt.

She sat down with a higher squelch. That one had decided fielder-coloured hair with predefined guidelines; the gelled edges on the rainbow Mohican reminded her of new. Philosophy was happening her children left in front of him.

A few minutes later she shuffled into the living room, awkwardly serving the drinks while painfully aware that her full Djaper were on display. This one had brilliant flame-coloured hair with shaved sides; the gelled spikes on the small Mohican reminded her of fire. I wrote this a year ago, too. Finally, it was over and a now very messy Chastity looked fearfully at the boys.

The smelly escor squirted all over her knickers, making a chocolate lake, and the boys were in hysterics, pointing and laughing as brown goo slopped down her thighs, solid craps slithering out of her twanging poopchute. Chastity slowly sank into a semi-crouch as brown water spurted down her legs and lumpy faeces fell out her ass. Chastity stood up and pressed her hand into her bum. He too was handsome, and taller than Ewan. Liquid shit splattered onto the floor.

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