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Top 10 Liberal Arts Colleges with Merit-Based Scholarships

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There are, however, a lot of hipsters who smoke a lot of cigarettes. These are, obviously, the extremes. Hippies and Hipsters make up Oberliin 10 percent of the college, I'd say. They're simply the ones everyone likes to focus on. Most people are simply intelligent, hard-workers who tend to like getting stoned every now and then. Everyone who goes to Oberlin is a little 'off-kilter', true, but we attract to other 'off-kilter' people.

Nine witness of its students figured from restorative Obelrin U. Present of Oberlin Arrack Oberlin Exhibition in Oberlin, Southampton, is a truly amazing place, as it gives a global four-year liberal arts day with an extremely renowned Conservatory of Music.

It's a good vibe, overall. Justin Class: Junior For the most part yes but Oberlin statistucs have a diverse student body and the only thing you can say for certain is that we're all smart. When we first arrived my roommate and I were shocked at how many jocks lived on our floor in Dascomb. We had no idea that there would be the typical chest beating musclebound athlete at Oberlin but there are quite a few. It is of course an exaggeration that we're all gay but we may have more LGBT folks per capita than in most places.

I find that Oberlin is paradise for Lesbians but gay guys struggle a little more. The university spans three campuses: The school also ranks 18th for future power brokers, having graduated no less than nine billionaires and three Fortune CEOs. And with high marks from InsideCollege. Northwestern admitted 27 percent of its 25, applicants to be part of the class of That class ended up with a near-even split of male and female students, 22 percent of whom are Asian-American, seven percent Hispanic, six percent African-American and less than one percent American Indian. Based on past figures, one could expect 86 percent of those students to graduate within four years. Today, the private college welcomes around 17, undergraduates each year who enjoy a 9: USC also ranks 19th on the list of schools best for future power brokers and 23rd on the list of best gay-friendly colleges.

Admission to the university is competitive, as USC admitted just 24 percent of its 35, applicants in the fall of Admitted students have an average weighted GPA of 4. Meanwhile, 72 percent of students graduate within four years. The campus population consists of 50 percent women and 60 percent of students come from within California.

College example Oberlin gay statistics population

Caucasians make up 44 percent of the student body, Asian-Americans 24 percent, Hispanics 13 percent, and African-Americans 5 percent. Deemed the 14th most desirable urban school, Georgetown is renowned for its academic excellence: Students posted an average score of 32 on the ACT and on the SAT, and three-quarters of students graduated in the top 10 of their high school classes. Coming in at No. Georgetown comes in at No.

The gau offers an yay Department of Education data. At No. The university comes in at the No. A child of immigrant parents, the experience of attending Oberlin in the '20s deeply shaped his mind and aspirations, and perhaps it was his Mediterranean origin that gave to his teaching and wide learning statistice classical cast. For those who studied with him, he became, for their lifetimes, an austere but benign sentinel, hay them, exammple they were tempted to take intellectual shortcuts, to the high road that his teaching, personal example, and respectful friendship had set them on.

Doyle's eloquent coloege about Oberlin's Ultimate. The article captures the spirit and essence of the game I have played since the autumn of Doyle is correct, I think, in making the case that the sport of Ultimate is well-suited to the Oberlin experience. The spirit of the game is a different athletic mind-set from what our culture is accustomed to in highly competitive sports, just as Oberlin is a Oberlin college gay statistics population example experience in education. This letter is intended to correct a minor detail of Mr. Doyle's research and assure credit is given to the appropriate individual who brought the game, early in its development, to my alma mater.

Being there, I recall how Ultimate actually arrived on campus. In the autumn ofOberlin matriculated a student from Columbia High School in New Jersey, where the game was invented. This fellow's brother or cousin was one of the founders of the game. The new Oberlin student, Bruce Mitteldorf, had been a sophomore in high school when he started playing the game that was created by other students at the encouragement of their high-school gym teacher. I was also a freshman that fall and was learning how to toss and catch a disc when word reached me that on Friday afternoons after dinner and on Sundays, there was a regular game of "frisbee football, but they don't call it that," being played outside the South dining hall.

The game Bruce taught us was exactly the same game as Ultimate is today, minus a few improvements in the stall count and how fouls are called. Unlike many LGBTQ friendly schools, Davidson maintains a robust career development resources page that includes information on rights in the workplace, job search tools, industry resources, and tips for assessing employers. A Gallup poll found that 4. The representation was even higher in Millennials or adults born in or later; 7. Many of the country's colleges and universities have taken measures to ensure that LGBTQ students feel safe and respected.

Most classes have fewer than 20 students, and Oberlin is consistently rated as one of the friendliest campuses for LGBT students. Whitman boasts a cozy 9: Founded in as a medical college, Tulane is still known today for its science and medical programs. And when students aren't studying, they can carouse in one of the gayest cities in the world. The student body is huge, the dorms are all over the map, and everyone who lives in New York will hate you. This campus is known mostly for its colossal student body and football team which means lots of "curious" athletes!

Do you know how cold it gets in Michigan? Also, there's not much to do in town off-campus, but with a campus this large, it shouldn't matter. Show queens. American University Positives: AU's nickname among students of other D. You'll have lots of like-minded students to hang around and sleep! It's located near the halls of power which is great for internships at the Capitol and the White House, so you can hang around and maybe sleep with!

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