Photostream not updating to new iphone

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Photo Stream from iCloud Not Showing on iPhone, How to Fix It?

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On the device that took the photo you're updting for, close the Camera app. Nothing uploads to My Photo Stream until you do. If it is, My Photo Stream disables itself temporarily to save battery life. If it is, turn it off and select Delete.

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I see different photos in the My Photo Stream album on each of my devices Your device keeps up to 1, photos, even if they're older than 30 days. Photos older pihone 30 ro are removed from iCloud, so depending on when you enabled My Photo Stream, your devices might not have the same photos. To Do so, you can: Step 1. Then please don't rush to turn it on back now. Step 2. Please power off your iPhone and give it a fresh restart. Just press and hold the Power button to bring out the "Slide to power off" slider, then swipe it to right to turn off your iPhone.

Not iphone Photostream updating to new

After your iPhone goes completely black, just press and hold the Power button again to turn on your iPhone again. Tip 2: Apple has never explained why the two features conflict. Plus, even though the Camera app runs in background, the Photo Stream does not work at all. The only way to fix the problem under such situation is to quit your Camera app in App Switcher. Swipe left and right to seek the Camera app and then swipe it upward to quit it completely. For iPhone 6 or earlier and iPad, double press the round "Home" button to open the App Switcher, then you can close the Camera app from background.

After quit the Camera app, try My Updahing Stream again to test if it works normally. Tip 3: If your device is in low power, Photo Stream not syncing problem will happen. Then you can check how much battery left on upper right corner of the screen. If there is not enough battery, plug your iDevice to the power source using Lightning cable.

After charging, test the My Photo Stream feature again. Tip 4: Turn Off Wi-Fi and reconnect nit to fix Photo Stream not syncing issue Photo Stream feature is based on wireless connection, so it only works once your iDevice connects to a Wi-Fi network. If there is something wrong on your Wi-Fi network, you will encounter the problem Photo Stream not syncing. Fortunately, reconnecting internet could fix it simply.

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