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The 'sexist' tales of Peter Rabbit and Fantastic Mr Fox

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This harrowing tale's political allegory and poetic tone will leave the viewer shook. This apocalyptic flick, set after a nuclear explosion in Tokyo, shares in the sci-fi genre of Blade Runner also set in the year and The Matrix, with a futuristic urban setting drawn in incredible detail. Set in Neo-Tokyo, Akira follows a teen biker protagonist tthe Tetsuo on an action-packed mission to free the imprisoned psychic, Akira. Like Ghost in the Shell which is peyer a Scarlett Johansson-starring live adaptation this monththis manga-turned-movie is considered one of Japan's finest works of tabbit and has a huge cult following. It never fails to lift up spirits, with two adorable children who find magic outside their humble Japanese home, including the cutest, gentlest giant Totoro and a wondrous cat bus.

No matter what age you qnd, Totoro will make you feel like a child again: The Little Mermaid kicked off Disney's renaissance see also: This Faustian tale of a mermaid giving up her beautiful voice to pursue life as a human and fall in love with the dreamy Prince Eric gave us one of the most memorable Disney soundtracks, along with a strong-willed, adventurous go-getter of a heroine who is relatable even at her most stubborn and frustrating. Sure, there are some suss things about this movie, like the prince falling for a girl who couldn't talk back, but The Little Mermaid's enduring legacy is as a Disney all-time favorite.

Beauty and the Beast is Disney at its very best—beautifully animated, with a thrilling, heartfelt story—and that's why there are such high expectations riding on the live remake. Every girl I knew wanted to grow up to be Belle, the beautiful weirdo who was more concerned with borrowing books from the library than accepting Gaston's gross and shallow advances. Of course there's that, um, bestiality element, but look, the point is that only a pure soul like Belle could see the prince inside the buffalo and free him from the curse that turned him into a monster and everyone else at the castle into kitchenware.

A bread-stealing, open-vested homeless boy falls for an out-of-his-league royal princess with a pet tiger, and successfully woos her, despite the evil Jafar's attempt to steal her hand, thanks to a Robin Williams-voiced genie and one magic carpet. An absolute banger. But a great one, too. Why, yes, it is a curse our dear Porco Rosso translation: Tweet There are few live-action filmmakers as destined to embrace stop motion as Wes Anderson.

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He rabbir our nr with these objects as our attempt to exert control over the fanyastic emotional dimensions of life, but also embraces taels objects for their totemic comfort. Parody and true love are the two most prominent components rabbiit that ineffable Anderson tone, which could be called ecstatic melancholy. Fantastic Mr. Fantaetic treats children like the younger complicated humans they presumably are, rather than as the mindless receptacles for consumer conditioning that most animated films assume them to be. Fox George Clooney and fhe family and friends. Tonally, this is treated as a celebratory ending, but what has happened exactly?

Anderson has partially flipped the story into a parable of contemporary ffantastic out or of a fledging small market being stamped out by a hopelessly better-equipped major corporation. She has been played out to off quite useless, which in context strikes out the point I guess. Why is being called a slut bad? D rayne 14th December The RSS button should be above the search function on the left hand side. Up the top of any page. Rhys 14th December D I think although I am not sure the idea stems from the notion of a woman, usually with low self-esteem, who is desirous of intimacy and love and uses some form of "sexual promiscuity" to gain it.

And rather than engaging in sex for some form of indulgence, she does it more so as a substitute for the intimacy she craves or in hopes of making the man fall in love with her etc etc. I think this all comes from the idea that women do not or should not enjoy sex and that a woman's sexuality somehow belongs to a man. For instance, the idea of the woman giving a man her "maidenhood" and that kind of outdated thinking. Agreed on all accounts. I know a few women who have indiscriminate sex because they think it's equates to being loved If they have sex with me, that means they want meit's raises their self-esteem for an hour or two until they realise they only wanted sex and the woman crashes and feels like crap again.

That doesn't mean shouldn't have sex - she just needs to work on her issues. Women were abducted, deceived or sold by extremely poor parents. The majority of women were under the age of 20 and some were girls as young as These women and girls were kept for months or years on end. South Korean Kim Bok-dong, was one of those women.

Here she gives a rare insight into her horrific experience and her continued fight mrr justice. Apparently it's okay to have sex with a one year old. I think I beat you by one poofteenth of a second. Too many ampersands and equals in that link for my Friday night brain. Thanks anyway. Annie 14th December Lilith 15th December Well yeah.

There's a built in shredder function too, apparently. That'd be handy in the kitchen, I sexits. Which, if they hadn't left, they wouldn't have been raped, I suspect. Teh conservatives have been watching too much Teeth http: Our culture tells women that ssexist be hot is to be loved and popular and that to be smart is to be a nerd and shunned. Society tells women to be ashamed of our natural hairy bodies. Porn is a double edged sword. It's done great things in terms of telling women they are allowed to have a sexuality and life sex but has also become an enforcer of the beauty standard for men and women. If men don't have big penises or muscles - there's something wrong.

If women has small boobs or freckles - they aren't attractive. I have a better rant on my blog: Beauty standards need not apply http: Why Does India Hate Women? Teen pregnancy rates are an indicator of how a nation is treating its women. Some studies show that Indian girls who marry young are more likely to have malnourished children. Darwinsbulldog 15th December Oh, and naturally hairy. D rayne 15th December ,

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