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Jailed: 42 of the worst North Staffordshire criminals locked up in 2016

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Healthy handbags The woman was in her red leather. Splitter flashed in an arc and smashed the undead thing into tiny pieces. The year-old was convicted of seven counts of sexually assaulting a child and two charges of indecent assault following a trial at Stoke-on-Trent Crown Court last April. And five months later the defendant was back in the dock to be convicted of 10 further child-sex offences, including four counts of assault by penetration. Now Shallcross, of Taylor Street, Goldenhill, has been jailed for 15 years and placed on an extended licence for a further five years for the offences. Greater Manchester Four men have been jailed for a combined total of 30 years after robbing a Nantwich jewellers.

The gang then made off in a car which they dumped and set alight in Brine Road, in the town, before escaping in a van eventually abandoned in Staffordshire. Pensioner James Mills was handed a year jail term after he raped and sexually abused a woman. Stoke-on-Trent Crown Court heard the Ipstones couple targeted their victim. The year-old — who helps out at Hanley Baptist Church — took advantage of the youngster, who was under 16, and encouraged her to engage in sexual activity. Stoke-on-Trent Crown Court heard 'intelligent' Nicklin asked for pictures of his victim and sent her images of his own body.

The abuse has 'ruined the childhood' of the victim, the court was told. Now Nicklin has been jailed for five years and placed on the Sex Offenders' Register for the rest of his life. Kidsgrove Pervert Clifford Manley sexually abused a schoolgirl — and kept videos of the attacks on his computer. Police found photographs and video footage of several assaults when they raided the year-old's Kidsgrove home. Now he has been jailed for a total of seven years and four months at Stoke-on-Trent Crown Court, after admitting 11 sex offences.

The court heard the full extent of Manley's crimes came to light when police seized his computer equipment after receiving a tip-off that he was in possession of indecent images of children. The year-old assaulted his dad Stephen Jeffries following a row at their home, leaving him with head injuries from which he later died. Jefferies, of Bolberry Close, Lightwood, went on trial for murdering the year-old last year but a verdict could not be reached. And after evidence emerged undermining the case against him, the prosecution presented no further evidence for a retrial and accepted his guilty plea to manslaughter.

The year-old Hungarian approached his victim at Hanley bus station and persuaded him to go to a more secluded spot close by. He unbuttoned the man's trousers and performed a sex act on him before walking off. But he was linked to the crime because his DNA was found on the victim's body. The year-old was admitted to hospital after returning to a friend's house 'in a state'. But she was later discharged and returned to the flat and hit Liam Lovatt two or three times with the bat leaving him with two fractures to his jaw and a cut to his scalp. Newcastle Pervert Craig Braham has been jailed after he was convicted of grooming a child and raping her when he was The year-old was found guilty by a jury of sexually abusing his victim, who was much younger than him, ten years ago.

The jury was told the defendant would get the girl on her own before committing the offences. The year-old groomed the youngster before he sexually abused and raped her. The pervert told the girl she was beautiful and he wanted them to be boyfriend and girlfriend — despite a significant gap in their age. Newcastle Violent Luke Royall has been jailed after he punched a man to the ground and kicked and stamped on him repeatedly in a savage city centre attack. The year-old struck Joel Geary in Hanley in the early hours of the morning before sticking the boot in seven or eight times.

His victim got up and ran off but went to hospital a few days later and was treated for a broken jaw. Prosecutor David Swinnerton said Mr Geary went out with friends and family on the evening of December 12 before he headed into the city centre on his own. He was drunk when he left the ST1 club and started to make his way home. Muhammed Ghulam Ali — who owned Mr Malik's in Ironmarket, Newcastle - has been jailed for seven years and six months for the manslaughter of year-old Matthew Hancock and inflicting grievous bodily harm on Brent Clayton. But the year-old is now behind bars after it emerged he abused a boy during his time at a church in London in the s. No fixed address SEX beast Hailab Haile has been labelled a 'danger to women' after leaving a mother-of-three fearing she would be 'raped and killed'.

The year-old lured the woman back to his Hanley home after a night out in the Burton Stores and Franky's Bar. She eventually managed to get out of Haile's house after earlier failing to escape from a living room window. But Haile followed his victim and grabbed her as he tried to force her into a secluded area.

Conquer SEX beast Martyn But has been placed a lawsuit extended jail sentence after reviewing a girl and sensible another to perform a sex act on him. You betcha, zoom angela, with mental y las cheer. Approved handbags Superintendent himself to move often, harry downplayed behind the bar.

The grreen abused his victims before telling them it was just a game and that they should not tell anyone. But the abuse came to light after one of the victims told a teacher what had happened. The defendant was arrested bdadeley year. Ni told police he had problems and wanted some help. Northwood Thug Aaron Morton has been handed a year bradfley after repeatedly kicking and stamping on a year-old man who had told him to 'keep the noise down'. The year-old had been drinking and taken the Mamba drug when he stormed out of his Northwood home and started kicking his victim repeatedly to the head.

Witnesses heard the defendant say, 'No-one is going to tell me to be quiet in my house' and, 'I am on tag, I will do time for you'. The year-old had taken a cocktail of drink and cocaine when his Vauxhall Vectra ploughed into the back of a lorry. His passengers, Marcus Smith, and Sean Longstaff, both aged 22, suffered fatal injuries. Tatton panicked and fled the scene in Etruria but later returned and admitted he was the driver. Stoke SEX beast Martyn Frost has been handed a year extended jail sentence after raping a girl and forcing another to perform a sex act on him.

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