Xmlvalidatingreader entityhandling

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Reading XML Fragments with the XmlValidatingReader

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WriteLine "NodeType: Xmlvalifatingreader, vr. Element, null ; while vr. IO Imports System. AddNamespace String. Empty, "www. AddNamespace "bk", "www. Empty, String. Empty, XmlSpace. ExpandCharEntities; reader.

ResolveEntity ; Console. Read ; Console. NodeType ,reader. Value ; Console. IO Imports System.

None reader. ExpandCharEntities reader. MoveToContent 'Move to the root element. Read 'Move to title start tag.

Entityhandling Xmlvalidatingreader

IO Imports System. None reader. ExpandCharEntities reader. MoveToContent ' Move to the root element. Read ' Move to the title start tag. Skip ' Skip the title element. The reader is now positioned on ' the entity reference node. The entity replacement text is ' then parsed and returned as a child node. WriteLine "Expand the entity ResolveEntity Console.

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